The CommBank Matildas’ star players talk money

11 May 2024

CommBank Matildas' players Tameka Yallop, Amy Sayer and Sophie Harding on the field

They won the nation’s hearts when they fought their way into the semi-finals in last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. As the CommBank Matildas’ prepare to face the USA, Germany and Zambia this July and August, we join three of the team’s star players – midfielders Tameka Yallop and Amy Sayer, as well as forward Sophie Harding – on the pitch to talk about the matters of money, living in the moment and what money can’t buy for a female football star. 

Let’s speak frankly -  which one of you is best with money?

“Probably Meeks,” says Amy, who has been juggling a football career with studies in human biology and philosophy at Stanford University in America. “She has the wisdom, the age.” Sophie, one of the squad’s newest members, seconds that. “Meeks is older, more mature,” she says.

It’s all very cheeky but there’s a ring of truth when Tameka, a midfielder who also slides into defence or plays on the wing, agrees. “Yep, responsibilities over here,” says the 32-year-old mother of one, who is married to fellow football player Kirsty Yallop.

What’s your biggest money lesson to impart on the younger players?

“To think about your future lifestyle – what do you see yourself doing and how can you get there?” says Tameka. “But living in the moment is important too, whether that’s having coffee with friends or a movie date with your partner – you still have to do those things.”

From right to left: The Brighter Side host Georgie Tunny talking to CommBank Matildas' players Sophie Harding, Tameka Yallop and Amy Sayer.

What’s your advice for the next generation of football-loving girls?

“Coming into the national team for the first time is super exciting,” says Sophie, who was working in disability support when she got the call confirming she made the team. “I would just say to not give up on your dreams and keep going and keep believing in yourself and you can achieve it.”

Any words of wisdom for your younger self?

“Some advice I would give to the younger Amy is to be prepared for some of the sacrifices that you have to make,” says Amy. “It’s a huge dream and not a lot of people are able to achieve it, so I feel very lucky to be able to do that. Take every moment as it comes and enjoy every single thing about it.”

Is there something money can’t buy?

“The experience of playing in front of thousands of people in the World Cup – the numbers were insane,” says Tameka. She’s right: more than 75,000 fans crowded into Stadium Australia on the night of the semi-final, while a further 11.15 million people watched on television. “You definitely can’t buy that.”

Love women’s football? So do we.

CommBank, in partnership with Football Australia, is dedicated to elevating women’s football across the country. As a proud supporter of football since 2021, from grassroots through to the elite, CommBank has extended its partnership with Football Australia to support the launch of a new community fund called The Growing Football Fund. The fund will focus on supporting coaches and community teams across the country with the ambitious goal of attracting and retaining an additional 50,000 female participants nationally over the next two years. 

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