6 easy ways to save money right now

18 May 2024

  • You can save by avoiding takeout meals and using what you’ve already got in your fridge.
  • Auditing and eliminating any unnecessary subscriptions.
  • Use a library card to access digital content and co-working spaces for free.
  • Protect your finances with strong passphrases, multi-factor authentication, and software updates.

Saving for a big goal requires patience, as does paying off debts and turning your finances around when money is tight. Still, there’s plenty you can do today to quickly ease the pressure on your hip pocket. 

1. Get creative with the contents of your fridge

Ordering out feels easy, but the costs can hit hard. Aussies spend an average of $57 a week on takeaway food delivery1 – that’s nearly $3,000 a year, per person! To reduce the pain, try the ‘if you’ve got it, eat it’ challenge. It’s a small reset that you can try next time you think there’s not enough food at home for a tasty meal. Type your ingredients into a website like SuperCook for recipe ideas. This is a great way to help your food waste go down and your savings go up.

2. Spring-clean your subscriptions

Think of managing your finances like cleaning out your closet. Just as you periodically go through your clothes to decide what to keep and what to recycle, you should do the same with your subscriptions. The average Aussie household spends $50 a month on streaming services alone!2 So once a year, sit down with your statements and review every subscription – from fitness apps to online games. Ask yourself: do I still use it? Do I need it? Keep the ones that make you happy and cancel the rest. You could save hundreds a year just by cutting a couple.

3. Swipe your library card for free digital content

If you haven’t used your local library for a while, it’s time to get reacquainted. Libraries have evolved over the years and many now offer a huge variety of digital content free to enjoy anywhere. There are not just the latest eBooks and audiobooks, but also music and video content, all on user-friendly mobile apps. Some even offer co-working spaces with free wi-fi and meeting rooms. Now your dusty old library card is the key to unlocking some great savings. And don’t forget you can borrow books too.

4. Look at your data usage

If you’re connected to work or home networks most of the time, there’s a good chance you’re paying for more data than you need. Use your provider’s app to keep tabs on usage – you may find that you only need 15 gigabytes per month, rather than unlimited data. If you’re paying for loads of data you’re not using, that’s hard-earned dollars streaming out the window. Try downsizing your data plan – the savings might surprise you.

5. Secure your tech

Saving money starts with not losing it – especially to cyber criminals. So, take a second to up the security on your tech. Turn your passwords into passphrases, using a mix of letters, symbols and numbers to tell a story, like this one: L1k3Th1$On3

Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Make it unique, easy to remember but hard to crack.
  • Switch on multi-factor authentication for extra protection.
  •  Stay on top of software updates – they're your best defence against vulnerabilities.
  • Remember, your bank will never ask you to reveal your password, PINs or codes.

Bargain for deals on your bills and check the competition

Most of us are comfortable with haggling for souvenirs on holiday, but when it comes to big-ticket items for our homes, we pay the asking price. There’s a chance you’re leaving money on the table, because even the biggest brands have more wiggle room than they let on. From phone plans to home loans, it pays to check the competition and ask if they can do better. It may feel awkward at first, but the worst they can do is say no. So don’t shy away from the haggle; just smile and save.

For more money saving tips and support available to help you navigate the rising cost of living, visit the cost of living hub.


1 Average weekly spend on takeaway food in Australia as at May 2023, by app or service, Statista.

2 Canstar Blue, January 2024

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