Franchising your business

Franchising your business

To become a franchisor, you need to be more than financially successful. You also need a business model that enables others to repeat that success and transport it to different locations.

  • Systems are the essence of franchising
  • Your business needs to run on a series of precise, well-documented systems that can be easily followed by franchisees
  • Part of the appeal to franchisees is they don’t have to start from scratch
  • If your business is successful, chances are you’ve got efficient systems in place
  • Fine tune your systems and create manuals that are easy to follow
  • Stay flexible – if you discover a better way to do something, update your systems
  • When setting up your franchise system, establish a program that considers:
    • where your franchises will operate
    • product supply
    • training and support
    • fees and advertising levies
    • the legal agreement between yourself and franchisees
  • You’ll need the advice of professionals, including a solicitor with franchise experience, an accountant and your banker
  • If you’re working with a franchising consultant, they’ll also be able to offer you further insights

  • Poor franchisee choice and training are key reasons for franchises failing
  • Being a franchisee takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline
  • Look for people with the commitment to make the franchise work
  • If your system is simple to teach and easy to follow, a franchisee who is determined should acquire those skills very quickly
  • Once you’ve found the right franchisees, it’s essential you keep them happy
  • Provide ongoing support and resolve any issues quickly and openly

  • Your franchise needs constant attention
  • Make sure your franchisees have the support they need
  • Monitor their performance
  • Focus on the bottom line
  • Continue to develop your products or services and upgrade your systems when appropriate

  • Expert advice is invaluable
  • The Franchise Council of Australia can help you find an experienced franchising consultant

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