• Why have I been asked to refresh my contact details?

    We regularly reach out to our customers to confirm their details. Sometimes a business joining us, getting a new product, or changing roles leads to us asking you – the beneficial owner – to confirm if your details are correct.

    We do this to adhere to our regulatory commitments and to better serve our customers.

  • How can I update my contact details?

    If you have a NetBank or CommBank account, you’ll receive a notification for refresh via their NetBank/CommBank app. You’ll need to update your details within the next 60 days to avoid any restrictions to your NetBank access.

    If you don’t have a NetBank/CommBank account, our CBA Operations customer team will be calling you to confirm your contact details over the phone. You’ll have the option to either provide your details over the phone or go to a branch to update your details. 

  • What happens if I don’t confirm my details?

    If you don’t update your personal details after being notified, we may need to restrict access to NetBank and business accounts until all beneficial owners confirm and update their details. We’ll let you know about this at least 30 days before any restrictions would apply. Please ensure we have updated contact details so we can reach you with this important message.