How do I complete the CommBiz User Identification and the Certified Copies ID form?

Some CommBiz permissions and functions need Users to be identified before they can receive the permission or access to the function.

Being identified on CommBiz means you’ve provided the necessary information for us to confirm your identity.

If you have NetBank, you can complete your identification online. If you don’t have NetBank, there are 2 forms used to confirm your identity. These ensure we meet and comply with regulatory obligations:

  • The CommBiz User Identification Form identifies you specifically for a service and if you’re an existing customer, we can check the details on this form against our records.
  • The Certified Copies Identification Form is needed if you are not a CBA customer and will need to be completed and signed by a Prescribed Person (see Section 3 of the form) then sent with the CommBiz User Identification form and a copy of identification.

How do I complete the CommBiz User Identification Form?

Once your Administrator has provided you with your CommBiz User Identification form, your information will be populated with the details your Administrator entered. By signing the form, you’re confirming that the information is correct:

  1. Full name as it appears on your identification documents (including middle name/s) eg Joseph not Joe or O’Neil not Oneil.
  2. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  3. Full residential address (not PO box)
  4. Telephone and/or Mobile number
  5. Reference Account – if you’re an existing CommBank customer, you can enter your BSB/Account number here. Otherwise, leave this section blank.
  6. Email address
  7. Your signature

If your details don’t match, your Administrator may be able update your information:

  • If the Date of Birth, telephone/mobile number or address is incorrect, it can be updated by the Admin. The Administrator will need to:

1. Log on to CommBiz
2. Go to Admin then User
3. Click on your User name
4. Click Edit and update the information
5. Click Save

Once the forms are completed, send them to

Your CommBiz Administrator can check the status of the Maintenance Request by logging on to CommBiz, choosing Admin, then Maintenance Request.

How do I complete the Certified Copies Identification Form?

The Certified Copies Identification form will need to be provided with a copy of identification (as listed in Section 5 of the form) and signed by a Prescribed person (listed in Section 6 of the form). You’ll need to provide the following information:

Section 1 - Customer Details

Enter your details in full including:

a. Title
b. Occupation
c. Employment type (Full time/Part time/Contractor/Casual)
d. Employers Name – Company you work for
e. Start Date (DD/MM/YYYY) with Employer
f. Full name (including middle names) e.g. Joseph not Joe or O’Neil not Oneil
gDate of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
h. Residential Address

Section 2 - Are you a resident of Australia Y/N

If you’re not a resident of Australia, you’ll need to provide a reason for operating an account with CommBank and an original copy of the form will need to be mailed to the below address with the CommBiz User ID Form

CommBiz Reply Paid 332
Silverwater NSW 2128

Section 3 – Details of Prescribed Person

This will need to be completed by a Prescribed Person (listed in Section 6 of the form). The Prescribed Person will also need to examine an original identification document (listed in Section 5 of the form) and certify each copy of the document by writing ‘I certify this to be a true and correct copy of the original document’ and include their signature, printed full name and date.

Section 4 – Authenticate Prescribed Person (Bank use only).

This will need to be completed by the Bank.

Once the form has been completed, send it to

Important information

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