Enable merchant reporting

    1. Log on to CommBiz, select Admin then Service, then Receivable Reports. The View Service Receivables Report page will display
    2. If merchant reporting has been requested, you’ll see it listed under Report Type. Select Edit
    3. Select the box beside the Merchant Reporting, Save, then Confirm

Give permission to view merchant reporting

  • Users with defined roles are automatically able to view merchant reporting. Users with custom permissions need an Administrator to manually allow them to view merchant reporting.

    1. To do this, select Admin then Users. Search for the user you want to give merchant reporting permission to
    2. Select Edit then the Receivables Reports tab
    3. Check the Enable box next to Merchant Reporting. Save, then Confirm

    Learn how user roles and permissions work

View merchant reporting

    1. Select File Transfer then Export
    2. From the File Type list, select Merchant Reporting (you can narrow the search criteria using the Creation Date), then Search
    3. A list of Merchant Reports will display. Select the file name to Open or Save the Excel spreadsheet