What you'll need

    • Access to more than one CommBiz Service
    • All user profiles being merged must have completed first-time log on
    • All security tokens being merged must have been activated


    • Before merging user profiles, you must log on with the user ID and password you want to keep. This will become your primary user profile
    • If a user profile is linked to the CommBiz Mobile app or uses an eToken, it can't be merged
    • After you've merged user profiles, they can't be separated again
    • After merging profiles, you can switch between them by selecting switch user from the top right of screen
    • If you have questions about merging profiles, call the CommBiz helpdesk on 13 2339.

Merge user profiles

    1. Log on to CommBiz using the ID and password you'd like to keep. Select My Security Centre under Quick Links on the homepage
    2. Select Link Login Accounts from the top menu and enter the log on ID and password you previously entered, then

      • Authorisers and Administrators (i.e. anyone with a CommBiz security token): Enter the one-time password generated on the CommBiz Security Token screen, then select Next

      • All other Users (i.e. anyone without a CommBiz security token): Answer your security questions, then select Next
    3. Review the information provided, then select Next
    4. On the Link Login Accounts page, complete the details then select Next
    5. Review the details and Cancel or Confirm
    6. If you're merging multiple user profiles, repeat the process from Step 2. Otherwise, Log off.