What you'll need

Reorder a cheque book

    1. Log on to CommBiz. Select FunctionsService Requests, then Reorder Cheque Book
    2. Select the account for which you'd like to order a cheque book
    3. Choose the number of cheque books you'd like, then select Next
    4. If more than one cheque book style is available, the Reorder Cheque Book Style page will display. Select your preferred style, then select Next 
    5. On the Confirm Reorder Cheque Book page, review the details and Modify or Confirm. The Reorder Cheque Book Advice page will display, which means the request is confirmed and awaiting authorisation. Select OK. The Service Request Status List page will display.

    Note: To track the status of your service request, select FunctionsService Requests, then Service Request Status List.