• What this guide's for

    Learn how to view and print your transaction history in CommBiz.

  • Why you'd do this

    To view dates, descriptions and amounts for any payments that have been made on your CommBiz service.

  • What you'll need

    Permissions to view accounts.


How to view transaction history

Step 1

  • Log on and go to Accounts then to Transaction History.
  • In the Account field, choose or search for the account you'd like to see the transaction history of.
  • You can use Transaction search to find specific transactions such as date range, description or amount. Click Show.
The view transaction history window in CommBiz once you've logged on.

Step 2

  • To export your transaction history select the format from the drop down menu then click Export transactions.
  • A window will appear where you'll need to choose whether you want to open the document or save it locally.
Once you've chosen the account you'd like to view transaction history for, transactions will be displayed.

Step 3

  • If you'd like to see statements instead, go to Online Statement in the side menu.
  • Choose the statement type, the period you'd like to see and the account. Click Search.
  • After they've generated, choose the statement you'd like to see. You can save it to your computer.
Statements can be viewed online in CommBiz under single statement.

Things you should know

    • Enter a date range, otherwise you'll be shown 15 months of transactions. 
    • You can export transaction history in .csv or .pdf file types.
    • You can also export transaction history from File Transfer  then click Export.
    • You can only see transaction history from the date you linked
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