• What this guide's for

    Learn how view your transaction group status list

  • Why you'd do this

    To search for detailed information on payments that have been processed using your CommBiz Service

  • What you'll need

    Permission to view accounts

How to view transaction group status list

What a transaction group status list is

A transaction group status list shows transactions of one or more debits or credits under a single or the same transaction ID.

Step 1

Log on to CommBiz, go to Payables then Transaction Group Status List.

Search window for finding a transaction group in CommBiz

Step 2

Use Search to find the transaction group you are looking for. You'll also see statuses for any Fast Payments you've made.

Click Show Advance Search to narrow your search terms and find specific transaction groups.

Using the advanced search tool in CommBiz to find a specific transaction group

Step 3

You'll see your results on the next page. Select each Transaction ID to expand it and see more information.

To export your transaction group search history select the format from the drop down menu then Export.

Results from a search for transaction groups in CommBiz that show the transaction ID, type of transaction and dollar amount

Understanding Transaction Group Status definitions

  • Approved

    Transaction Group has passed all checks and is waiting to be processed by the bank.

    Authorised released

    Transaction Group has been authorised and released to the bank for processing.

    Authorised scheduled

    Transaction Group has been authorised and is scheduled to process on a date in the future.

    Authorised suspended

    Transaction Group has been authorised and released to the bank for processing outside normal hours. The Transaction Group is suspended and will be process at the start of the next processing day.


    Transaction Group has been cancelled by the creating user or a system process. E.g.: an account has been disabled.


    Transaction Group has been created by a user and confirmed as ready for authorisation.


    Transaction Group has failed one or more checks and was declined by the bank.

    Exception Queue

    An exception was raised during the bank's approvals and the Transaction Group has been sent to the exception queue for the bank to review.


    A confirmed Transaction Group took longer than 5 days to be authorised so the system has declined the transaction.

    Partially Authorised

    Transaction Group has been authorised by at least one person, but needs to be authorised by others before it can be processed. 


    Transaction Group has been successfully processed by the bank

    Recall Requested

    The system is processing the recall request of a fully authorised Transaction Group which has been released to the bank for processing.


    An authorised Transaction Group that has been processed is successfully recalled.


    The authorisation of the Transaction Group has been rejected by one of the authorisers.


    An exception was raised during the bank's approvals and the Transaction Group has been sent to the exception queue. It'll automatically be retried at intervals by the system.

    Sent for approval

    The Transaction Group is going through its bank checks.

    Sent for processing

    The Transaction Group is approved and has been sent for processing.


    The Transaction Group has been credited to the recipient or beneficiary.


    The Transaction Group has failed for any reason. E.g.: there wasn't enough money in the account, the beneficiary isn't able to accept payments, there was a system error, etc.



Things you should know

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