• What happens if I don’t have sufficient funds in my account for the whole batch of payments? Will some of the payments be processed

    No, the whole batch of payments will be rejected.

  • What is the payment cut-off time for BPAY payments? 

    We commit to process all payments received by 5:55pm. After 5:55pm or on a non-business day, payment instructions will be processed on a "best endeavours" basis.

  • If the biller rejects the BPAY payment (e.g. closed account), what will happen to the payment?

    The funds will be returned to the originated account.

  • What can I do if I find out that I have paid the wrong amount or entered the wrong biller code or customer reference number and the payment goes through? 

    Once a BPAY payment is made, it cannot be stopped. However, if you believe you have made a mistake in your BPAY payment you may contact our CommBiz Helpdesk on 13 2339 and request a payment reversal. If approved, the payment will return to the account where the payment was originated. If the reversal is rejected by the payer financial institution, you will need to contact the biller directly.

  • How far back can a payment be reversed? 

    There is no limit to how old a payment is for it to be reversed. The decision to reverse a payment is entirely a decision of the biller.

  • How quickly can the payment be returned? 

    It may take up to 10 working days for the funds to be returned.