What's this form for?

    • Release your mortgage once you've repaid your loan
    • Release a commercial and/or residential property you’re selling
    • Refinance your business loan to another financial institution
    • Substitute an existing security for a new security

    If you have a Relationship Manager, please contact them before completing this form.

    This form is for business customers. Here's how to discharge a residential property.

How to complete the form:

    1. Download the form (PDF)
    2. Complete and print out the form, ensuring all borrowers and guarantors sign it
    3. Scan the completed and signed form and email it to CBABusinessDischarges@cba.com.au, or drop it off at your nearest branch. 
    We're committed to meeting your requested settlement dates but turnaround times can vary. The average turnaround time for a discharge is 30 days from the date all information is received. If we need more information, we’ll be in contact within 3 business days.