How to repay & close your business loan or release security

  • The following steps are to release your security once you’ve repaid your loan, or to release a commercial and/or residential property.

    1. Download the form (PDF)
    2. Complete and print out the form, ensuring all borrowers and guarantors sign it
    3. Scan the completed and signed form and email it to, or drop it off at your nearest branch

    The average turnaround time for a discharge is 15 days from the date all information is received. If we need more information, we’ll be in contact within 3 business days.

Looking to refinance your personal or business loan?

  • Call us about refinancing your loan – we'll try to better understand your business or personal needs and discuss your options. If you want to continue with discharging, we'll help you process the request.

    Business loans

    Call 13 1998,  Mon–Fri, 8am–6pm (Syd/Melb time)

    Home loans

    Call 1300 219 166 Mon–Fri, 8am–6pm (Syd/Melb time)

    We’ll need to speak to you (one of the borrowers), your Relationship Manager, Private Banker or originating Broker, if you have one.

    If there is a non-individual trustee involved, please contact your Relationship Manager.