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Enhance your business decisions and drive growth opportunities with confidence with our unrivalled bespoke analytics research. We utilise the large volume of transactions flowing through CommBank's systems as a unique and highly granular source of data as well as industry, catchment and economic data to find insights about your end-customer demographics and behaviour.

Bespoke analytics can be a powerful differentiator that allows you to analyse data on real-world consumer purchasing behaviours to identify growth opportunities, customer loyalty, spending frequency, customer footprint, socio-economic customer data, peak trading volumes and competitor and industry comparisons.

CommBank takes insights from having visibility of 40 per cent of all card-based transactions in Australia and this allows us to give you more insights than anyone in the market bar none, and by tailoring insights to your corporation we can identify unique and powerful growth opportunities.

About Bespoke Analytics

  • CommBank sees over 40 per cent of all card-based transactions in Australia
  • This gives us more information on real-world consumer purchasing behaviours than anyone else
  • We combine the acquiring and issuing data to tailor our analytical insights to our customers’ needs

  • Bespoke analytics was designed for institutional banking and markets and corporate financial services clients for whom we are the main transaction bank
  • It is most valuable in B2C industries such as retail, property, hospitality, telecommunications, media, utilities, government and infrastructure

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