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How a website overhaul led to increased donations for Diabetes Victoria

How a website overhaul led to increased donations for Diabetes Victoria

By asking questions of its own website, Diabetes Victoria was able to identify and implement innovative changes to its user experience.

Diabetes Victoria is a leading not-for-profit (NFP) and peak consumer body working to reduce the impact of diabetes in Victoria and contributing to the search for a cure.

With 1.2 million Australians currently living with diabetes, the Diabetes Victoria website provides a vital service, educating online visitors about diabetes and diabetes management and raising much needed funding for continued research.

In a crowded NFP marketplace, it is crucial that the Diabetes Victoria website effectively and quickly engages with a range of audiences. Facing this challenge, Diabetes Victoria approached the CommBank Innovation Lab for help in enhancing its online user interface. Without the right interface, the website would not reflect Diabetes Victoria’s customer-first approach and risk being lost in the crowd.

Improving the user experience

To best understand the changes Diabetes Victoria needed to make to its website, it was important to first understand how people were interacting with it. Working in collaboration with CommBank’s Usability Testing Labs – one of only three in Australia – Diabetes Victoria was able to track the eye pathways of online visitors and develop heat maps to inform its new interface. As a result, Diabetes Victoria was able to develop a website that reflected user behaviour patterns, ensuring they were delivering an easy to use, customer-centric experience. 

Diabetes Victoria CEO, Craig Bennett, said of the process “Operating in the 21st century makes it incredibly difficult to achieve significant cut-through online. Asking questions of our own website led us to implement changes that resulted in significant measurable gains. The CommBank Innovation Lab was game-changing in helping us better understand the real user experience.”

Importance of collaboration

An important part of the Innovation Lab process is post-session collaboration. When talking about applying innovation to businesses, collaboration is a key area of importance. A recent CommBank study1 of the innovation habits of businesses, found that nearly nine in ten (89 per cent) mid-size businesses see benefit in collaborating with others on innovation. Working with the CommBank Innovation Lab team to translate the Usability Lab insights into applicable changes allowed for Diabetes Victoria to properly analyse the data in order to make the right changes.

Since implementation, Diabetes Victoria has seen a measurable impact in both donations and membership retention. The experience has also enhanced the organisation’s understanding of its audience and how best to serve them.

“This experience demonstrated to us the benefits of collaboration and how taking a step back and looking at the business through a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.” Mr Bennett.

For more information about the Innovation Lab and how you can work with it, click here.

1The CBA Innovation Study is based on a quantitative survey of 792 financial decision makers in public and private companies throughout Australia with a turnover of up to $100m, carried out between 23 March and 2 May 2016.