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Raising money for cancer research, support and prevention

Raising money for cancer research, support and prevention

Together we’ve raised over $4.2 million through our Can4Cancer initiative in 4 years

It’s estimated that  one third of Australian men and a quarter of Australian women will receive a cancer diagnosis by the time they’re 75. This means that most Australians will be touched by cancer – either by their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of someone close to them.

The good news is that rates of survival for many types of cancer are rising, thanks to research and better treatments. Much of the money for this research comes from fundraising activities. And fundraising also helps to cover the cost of caring for people with cancer, as well as supporting their families.

Supporting cancer research

In 2014, 100 of our employees got together to organise a three-day ride with Tour de Cure to raise money for cancer research, support and prevention.

Now an annual event, called Can4Cancer, our fundraising initiative includes an annual ride as well as walks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth, and fundraising activities such as morning teas, barbeques and games nights.

In 2017, Can4Cancer raised more than $1.5 million for for prostate, breast and neuroblastoma cancer projects, promoting health and fitness to its staff, clients and communities.

Cancer education starts at childhood

As part of -Can4Cancer, teams visit local primary schools to educate children about cancer prevention through the Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program. The aim is to demystify cancer and show children how they can lessen their risk of developing the illness through healthy lifestyle choices.

The joy of giving and participating

As well as raising much-needed funds, Can4Cancer allows our people to be part of a life-changing initiative. They share their training and preparation for the ride or walk through the Can4Cancer hashtag and get to see the impact of their efforts by presenting a cheque to local communities touched by cancer.

Find out more

To learn more about Can4Cancer and the amazing work our people are doing to help find a cure, visit the tourdecure site.