Why client analytics?

Unrivalled data

We manage a significant percentage of card-based transactions in Australia, giving us an unique view on real-world consumer purchasing behaviours.

Expert collaboration

With our bespoke analytics offering you will have access to data experts who have deep knowledge of banking data and how it can be applied across a variety of industries.

Customised solutions

We focus on developing solutions with our clients that are fit for purpose, going beyond off-the-shelf solutions.

Turnaround times

Generally we can turn projects around within weeks, depending on the complexity of requirements.

Industry experience

We have worked on projects across many industries, so as well as leveraging existing ideas we can also bring new light to existing problems or opportunities.

Transformative technology

We can develop solutions with you that can be accessed via a variety of channels, depending
on your needs.

What we do - examples of our work

Shopper insights

We can provide insight into customer spending behaviour and demographics through our cardholder spend data. This can be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns, determine future store locations, identify new product ranges and much more.

Event impact

We can provide insights into the Economic Impact of Events through spend before, during
and after an event. 

Financial wellbeing

To assist with planning we can provide insights into the financial wellbeing of individuals by
region. This can help guide the placement of infrastructure and services to those who need it most.

Tourism and visitation

Through cardholders transacting at our merchant facilities we have the ability to provide insights on tourism and visitation to your store or region.

Payment channel analysis

We can help you better understand your payment channel usage and address pain points, such as rejections.

Out of area spend

Understand where cardholders are spending outside of their home area. This can help you develop strategies to attract customers locally.

Catchment performance

We can identify overall cardholder spend by area through our merchant facilities and show how this is changing over time.

How it works

Engage with us

Our valued clients can engage with us via their relationship executive. Where we can add value, we can arrange an initial meeting to discuss how we can help.

Insights process

Upon identification of insights that could help we will draft a proposal outlining the scope and costs of the work. If you agree, we initiate the project and depending on complexity can turn it around within weeks.

Our cost model

We operate under a fee-for-service model and will work to your budget. Our goal is to provide insights that help drive your success – since your success is our success!