Bring CommBank iQ intelligence to your decision-making

We combine the data set from Australia’s largest bank with 20+ years of analytics excellence to help you unlock maximum value using data insights and artificial intelligence.

At CommBank iQ, we help you make truly customer-led decisions, and step-change your growth, through:


360° customer view

Make smarter decisions with comprehensive up-to-date analysis of customer behaviour and market movements.

  • Approximately 7 million customers
  • 365+ spend categories
  • 200K+ brands

Real behaviour

Leverage the de-identified data set of Australia’s largest bank, weighted to reflect the actual behaviour of the Australian population.

  • Real data, not surveyed
  • 2021 Census weighted
  • Reviewed, cross-referenced and triangulated

Deep, multi-sector intelligence

Access customised industry solutions founded on 20+ years’ experience unlocking transformational value from banking data.

  • Industry experts
  • Leading analytical capability
  • Focused on delivering Return on Investment (ROI)

Powerful products

Accelerate your decision-making based on automated insights with products and tools designed to solve your challenges.

  • Self-serve insights
  • Enable direct data ingestion
  • Access to the latest insights

Our solutions

Customer intelligence

Understand why your customers buy from you, where you fit in their broader lives, and predict their future needs.

Market intelligence

Benchmark against curated competitor cohorts and identify product, category, and location-based growth opportunities.

Geospatial intelligence

Interrogate current consumer insights on a national, state or local catchment level by mapping where customers live, work and spend.

Decision intelligence

Step-change your decision insight, accuracy and efficiency through advanced analytics, predictive data and AI.

Our sector expertise


Invest with confidence and maximise portfolio value through insight-led tenancy curation, customised marketing, and data-driven asset management.

Consumer brands

Hone your products, transform your go-to-market effectiveness, and optimise your pricing strategies with enhanced customer and market intelligence.


Harness economic and consumer insights for better national, state and local policy and practice, with quantifiable evidence of impact.

Financial services

Deploy our customer intelligence to optimise decisions across insurance, superannuation, and asset management.

Our products

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Centre iQ

Market-leading property decision intelligence platform, relied on by leaders across the sector.  

Monitor real customer behaviour, the competitor landscape and your market share. Measure the impact your development, marketing and leasing decisions have on your customers’ engagement with your centre.

Market Monitor iQ

Experience market insights for retailers with our latest product offering.

Track your market share, identify key sales drivers, and benchmark against your industry.  Gain a competitive edge by handpicking your own competitor set, enabling you to stay one step ahead.

Government iQ

Empowering key government departments and policymakers with timely insights to support data-driven decisions.

Track Australia’s domestic economic performance indicators to understand macroeconomic trends, population movements, and the visitor economy.

Council iQ

Comprehensive spend analysis platform supporting Councils to measure uplift and impact.

Track local and visitor spend by category and time, measure the ROI of local initiatives and programs to inform policy decisions. Look at Local Government Areas or narrow down to specific localities to get a clear picture of impact

Destination iQ

Unlock deep insights into your visitor economy with granular measurement of visitor spend behaviours within a region.  

Measure spend by category across relevant tourism categories, breakdown events by time of day and day of week to determine impact, and profile your visitors using our unique customer segmentation to better understand your visitors and markets.

CommBank iQ insights & reports

CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report - May 2024

The report provides valuable insights into how Australians are responding to cost-of-living pressures and what this means for businesses, corporates and governments.

CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report - November 2023

Latest CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report shows consumers cut back discretionary spend but leave room for travel and entertainment

CommBank iQ Cost of Living Insights Report - May 2023

Equipped with Australia’s largest banking data set, CommBank iQ have unique insight into the spending behaviours of Australians and how they are responding to cost of living changes.

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  • CommBank iQ, a joint venture between Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 (Commonwealth Bank) and The Quantium Group Pty Limited ABN 45 102 444 253.