About CommBank iQ

  • CommBank iQ is a joint venture between the Commonwealth Bank and Quantium that provides insights to businesses and governments by analysing Commonwealth Bank de-identified customer profile and transaction data.

You and your privacy

The security of our customers’ personal information is extremely important to us. To protect your privacy, we take the following steps to de-identify customer profile and transaction data before it is shared with CommBank iQ:

1. Replace information that could identify you with alphanumeric strings

2. Alter other information that could be used to identify you

3. Run tests on the data to ensure it has been de-identified in this way.

This process is shown in the diagram.

See larger image

Infographic showing the de-identification process

What happens next

  • CommBank iQ will then use this de-identified dataset to provide insights to businesses and governments. Examples of the types of insights include:

    • Market share in their industry
    • Trends on spending behaviour of customers (for example, if spend on travel is increasing or decreasing compared with spend on entertainment)
    • General characteristics of groups of customers (for example, by age, income bracket or location)
    • Spending behaviour based on brands of goods or services purchased (for example, people who ski are likely to spend less on entertainment)
    • Impact of governments policies on the demographics of the population.