How can your donation help?

  • 1 UK penny can provide a child with clean drinking water for three days
  • 40 Euro cents can provide a child with a pencil and a book for school
  • 3 Canadian dollars can provide a severely malnourished child with enough therapeutic super food for two days
  • 275 Indian Rupees can provide a child with a UNICEF school bag so they can carry their learning supplies 
  • 250 Thai Baht can provide 20 doses of a potentially life-saving measles vaccine

You can also show your support by donating an amount of your choice in Australian dollars (AUD). 


How to donate

Donate in one of our branches

Take your spare foreign coins or cash (or your donation in Australian dollars) into any CommBank or Bankwest branch in Australia. Our branch staff will be able to take your donation. 

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Donate directly to UNICEF

Visit the UNICEF website to donate directly.

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Coins for kids

How your donations have helped

Through your generous donations, you've helped UNICEF support a number of initiatives providing disadvantaged children with the proper education, nutrition and immunization they require. Learn more about the different programs: