Enjoy a discount on financing your Tesla

We’ll get your finance organised with minimal fuss, so you’ll soon be driving away in your Tesla.

Upgrading to electric may help you achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your energy costs. Our discounted financing can cover up to 100% of the purchase price and equipment such as chargers and batteries^.

Whether for business or personal use, we’re here to get you fully charged and on the road quickly.

Electric vehicle secured finance options for personal and business use

You’ll receive a discounted finance rate on any new or demonstrator Tesla whether it’s for business1 or personal use.2

Looking for a personal loan?

Only individuals can apply where the car is for personal use.

With a Secured Personal Loan:

A fixed rate loan for personal use, which is secured by your Tesla.

  • Borrow $4,000 - $100,0003^ over 1-7 years
  • 6.49% p.a. with discount applied
  • 7.55% p.a. comparison rate4
  • Fixed rate and repayments for the finance term

Looking for a business loan?5

Businesses or individuals can apply where the car is used for income producing purposes.

With a Secured Business Loan:

A fixed rate loan for business purposes, which is secured by your Tesla.

  • If you’re upgrading from a previously financed vehicle, we may not even need your financials.6
  • Optional balloon payment to lower your instalments
  • Choice of terms from 2 through to 5 years
  • 100% finance for the entire on road cost
  • Fixed rate and repayments for the finance term
  • Tesla Charging products like Wall Connector or Mobile Connector can be included
  • Fast electronic agreement execution

Other personal loan options are also available

Unsecured loans for personal use that do not require any security.

Fixed Rate Loan

A fixed rate loan for personal use, which is not secured by your Tesla.

  • Borrow $4,000 - $50,0003 over 1-7 years
  • 7.50% p.a. with discount applied
  • 8.90% p.a. comparison rate4
  • No security required
  • Fixed interest rate and repayments for the term of the loan

Variable Rate Loan

A variable rate loan for personal use, which is not secured by your Tesla.

  • Borrow $4,000 - $50,0003 over 1-7 years
  • 7.50% p.a. with discount applied
  • 8.90% p.a. comparison rate4
  • No security required
  • Flexibility to make extra repayments with no fee

Simple steps to apply

    1. Explore our personal loans and choose the right option to meet your needs.
    2. When you're applying, you'll need to select 'Green purchases' as your loan purpose.
    3. If you’re applying for a Secured Personal Loan and don’t have the registration number or 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your Tesla, please choose ‘No’ when asked, ‘Do you have the registration number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car you’re looking to buy?’ You can add this later in the order process when details are confirmed by Tesla.
    4. We'll ask for a tax invoice or quote from the car’s provider on a company letterhead that confirms: purchase amount, retailer or manufacturer details and itemised specifications of the eligible vehicle. You’ll also need to provide proof the vehicle is comprehensively insured.

Frequently asked questions

For business use, there is no maximum amount. 

For personal use, the maximum you can borrow online for a secured loan is $100,000 or $50,000 for an unsecured loan. If you need more you’ll need to pay the difference, or for a secured loan you’ll need to contact 13 1431 to discuss your needs.

Yes, approvals for personal use are valid for 60 days and business use for 90 days. 

For business use only, if your delivery looks like it may take longer than 180 days, please contact us and we’ll work with you to find the best approach.

For business use, yes you can providing you purchased it less than 12 months ago.

For personal use, yes if you still have proof of purchase, but only on an unsecured loan.

For business, yes you can.

For personal, yes providing it’s provided by the dealer, listed on the same invoice as the car and total loan amount is not more than 120% of the car’s value.

There may be a variety of incentives available based on the state in which you’re registering your vehicle. Federal incentives may also be available depending on how you buy and finance. We recommend you check for any state or federal government incentives including eligibility criteria prior to applying.

If you indicate you’d like to talk to us, one of our specialists will typically be in touch within 1 business day. The approval process is fairly easy if you’re able to provide us with the information we need to move forward.

Things you should know

  • Information and interest rates are current as at 25 May 2024 and are subject to change. The information on this page doesn’t consider your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before basing any decisions on this information, please consider:

    • Its appropriateness to your circumstances.
    • Obtaining professional advice specific to your needs, including financial, taxation and legal advice.

    ^ If you need to borrow more than $100,000 for a secured loan, please call us on 13 1431 to discuss your needs.

    1 A discounted rate will apply for qualifying business use Tesla vehicles applying through this site, to approved business customers for business purposes only. The actual repayment amount and interest rate will be confirmed if an application is submitted and approved. We reserve the right to change, modify or revoke any discount or interest rate offered at any time, for any reason and without notice.

    Eligible vehicles must have an active comprehensive insurance policy, organised prior to loan funding.

    Your borrowing capacity depends on a range of factors such as your credit score.

    Applications for finance are subject to the Bank’s normal credit approval. View the Personal Loan Terms and Conditions. Full terms and conditions will be included in our loan offer. Fees and charges are payable.

    Comparison rates are calculated based on an unsecured loan of $30,000 and a secured loan of $30,000, over a term of five years.

    - WARNING: Comparison rate is true only for examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

    5 These products are only available to approved business customers and for business purposes only. Applications for finance are subject to the Bank's eligibility and suitability criteria and normal credit approval processes. Customers should view our current Terms and Conditions for Asset Finance (PDF) and consider them before making any decision about these products. Rates, fees and charges apply.

    6 Our simple Replacement Pathway is available for businesses who are upgrading or replacing business cars or equipment currently under finance. Approvals are conditional and subject to the replacement asset being suitable to the Bank. Acceptable evidence of good payment history is required. The asset being purchased must not be older than the asset being replaced. The finance agreement on the asset being replaced must be repaid and the new repayment must not increase by more than 25%. Additional information may be requested depending on your application details, the asset being financed and individual circumstances.

    Credit provided by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.