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Some of our most popular rates


Interest rate for $10,000 to $49,999

Interest rate for $50,000 to $1,999,999

Interest paid

60 months


2.75% p.a.


24 - 33 months

2.60% p.a.

2.70% p.a.


12 months

2.20% p.a.

2.30% p.a.

At the end of the term

6 months 

2.05% p.a.

2.05% p.a.

At the end of the term

3 months 

2.00% p.a.

2.00% p.a.

At the end of the term

The above Term Deposit rates are available online and in branch for personal and business customers with a maximum limit of $1,999,999 per customer. For amounts greater than $1,999,999, please contact any Commonwealth Bank branch or your relationship manager for the latest interest rates.

Latest rates as of 2 August 2018. Interest rates on offer may vary at any time without notice.


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There are no set up or establishment fees.

If you want to withdraw your Term Deposit before it matures you’ll need to give us 31 days notice. You may incur a prepayment interest adjustment and administration fee.

Term Deposit holding facility

The rates below are applicable to funds in the Term Deposit holding facility. When your funds are in the holding facility, they’re renewed at a fixed interest rate every seven days until we receive your instructions for withdrawal or reinvestment for an agreed fixed term of one month or longer. 

You can give us instructions at any time, once you decide what you want to do.

If after 6 months you have not given us any alternate instructions we will renew your funds to a 1 month fixed term at the then applicable advertised rate. Your funds will then continue to renew at that term and at the rate applicable at renewal, until you give us further instructions.

If you reinvest on a day that isn’t an interest payment date, the new term will commence from the last interest payment date. No interest is paid on funds in the holding facility for the current seven day interest period if funds are withdrawn before the next interest payment date.


Interest rate

Less than $10,000

1.10% p.a.

$10,000 to $99,999

1.10% p.a.

$100,000 to $1,999,999

1.10% p.a.

Latest rates as of 2 August 2018. Interest rates on offer may vary at any time without notice.

Easy to track your investment

Fixed rate

Fixed rate

The fixed rate of return means you’ll always know what your investment’s worth and can plan how to use your earnings.

Manage online

Manage online

See, keep track of and manage your Term Deposit, alongside your other accounts, in NetBank.

Opt-in for free alerts

Opt-in for free alerts

Opt in and we’ll send you an email, SMS or a notification in NetBank before your Term Deposit matures. So you can let us know if you want to roll it over, withdraw it or arrange a combination of the two.

Things you should know

1 Selected interest payment frequencies apply.

As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. General Information and Terms and Conditions for Term Deposits and Electronic Banking are available here or from any branch of the Commonwealth Bank. Please view our Financial Services Guide.

Interest rates on offer may vary at any time without notice.