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How a financial planner can help

You may be planning a wedding, expecting your first (or third) child, looking to invest or perhaps you just want to put a little extra aside to travel.  At this time in life, many couples and families start to take stock of their finances.

A Commonwealth Financial Planner can help if you’re thinking about:

  • Reducing and managing debt, or paying extra off your mortgage
  • Combining finances with your partner
  • Strategies to grow your super and investments
  • Tax-effective strategies to help you save
  • Creating a plan to support your children or family financially
  • Protecting your loved ones and assets.

You might be surprised at how making a few changes now can make a big difference long term.  A Commonwealth Financial Planner will work with you to identify your goals and create a plan tailored for your individual situation. As your life and circumstances change, they can help you to adapt your plan and ensure it’s still working hard for you.

Your initial, no-obligation consultation with a Commonwealth Financial Planner is complimentary.

 Watch our video to learn more about how financial planning can help couples and families.

 From what to expect and how to prepare, learn all about the financial planning process.

 Learn about financial planning for younger investors, established investors, pre-retirees and retirees.


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