• Please note there are some important conditions and exclusions set out in the PDS that may affect your ability to make a claim. Please read these as they are important. Some of the key ones are:

    • Your cover for some benefits does not start for up to 74 days (60 day qualifying plus 14 day waiting period), after that you can make a claim at any time by calling us.
    • To claim the monthly benefits when you are unable to work you must have been working at least 15 hours a week in non-seasonal work before your claim event and then be out of work for more than 14 days before your cover would start to pay.
    • You won’t be able to claim if you quit your job, retire, accept voluntary redundancy or if your claim is caused by an injury or illness that you have symptoms of before your policy starts.
    • The largest balance covered is $25,000.
    • You can cancel your policy and get a full refund in the first 30 days if you change your mind.
  • How does you premium work?

    You will be charged a premium every month and it will appear as a transaction on your monthly credit card statement. Your monthly premium is calculated on the date your statement is produced, not the date your credit card payment is due. Even if you pay off your credit card by the payment due date, you will be charged a premium.

    As the premium is charged to your credit card monthly, you may pay interest on it if you don’t pay the total amount owing on your credit card in full each month.

  • What is ‘employed’ or what is meant by  ‘work’?

    If you are permanently, casually or temporarily employed then ‘lose your job’ means that you lose your employment because your employer terminated your employment or made you redundant and you are actively looking for employment. If your loss of employment is of a voluntary nature (e.g. you resign) you don't qualify as being involuntarily unemployed.

    If you are self-employed then 'lose your job' means that you stop your business trading permanently or start to wind it up, the business is placed in the hands of an insolvency practitioner or you dissolve or start to dissolve a partnership and in all cases you are actively looking for employment.

    If you are contractually employed then 'lose your job' means that you stop work before the end date of the contract because your employer terminated the contract or made you redundant and you are actively looking for employment.

  • When have you ‘lost your job’?

    If you’re employed, and you become involuntarily unemployed or disabled during the period of cover, your cover will pay 1/30th of 20% of the outstanding balance for each day you are involuntarily unemployed or disabled. Payments start to be calculated after you’ve been involuntarily unemployed or disabled for 14 consecutive days (this is your waiting period). The amount is then calculated daily and credited to your credit card account once each month or as otherwise agreed with you. To receive (or continue to receive) the involuntarily unemployed benefit, you need to be actively looking for employment. You may need to provide evidence to support this.

  • When are you ‘permanently disabled’?

    You will be considered to be permanently disabled if you have been absent for six consecutive months from the date of disablement because illness or injury from your usual occupation and from which you received wages, salary or income before but not after the date of disablement and in the insurer's opinion, after considering medical evidence satisfactory to them, you are unlikely ever to return to those duties for which you may be suited by education, training or experience.

  • What is paid if you ‘pass away’?

    If you die (or are diagnosed with a terminal illness) during the period of cover your cover will pay the outstanding balance of your credit card account at the date you die (or are diagnosed) up to $25,000. This death benefit will be credited to your credit card account. Your cover will also pay the cash assistance benefit of up to $25,000 to your estate.

    Terminally Ill means you are diagnosed with a sickness or injury which will lead to death within twelve months (in the opinion of a specialist medical practitioner, whose opinion is supported by the insurer's medical officer). The maximum benefit is twice the amount owing on your credit card up to maximum of $50,000; one half of the amount is paid to your credit card account and the other half is paid to you.