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Fees and charges for International Money Transfers

Sending money

Issued via a branch2 $30.00 per transfer
Issued via NetBank2 $22.00 per transfer
Issued via CommBank app2 $22.00 per transfer
Issued in foreign currency where payment is made from a Foreign Currency Account via a branch $30.00 per transfer
Cancellation and request for funds to be returned1,2 $25.00 per request plus overseas bank’s costs
Amendment to payment instruction, i.e. beneficiary, bank, address when requested by customer, or where the overseas bank is unable to process payment on original instruction2 $25.00 per request plus overseas bank’s costs
Investigation of sent International Money Transfer (trace)1,2 $25.00 per investigation includes any subsequent follow up request

1  This is a request only and is dependent on the overseas bank obtaining the relevant debit authority to be able to return funds. If funds are returned in foreign currency they will be converted on the next business day using the International Money Transfer buy rate.

2 Overseas bank charges (which may vary from country to country) could apply in addition to the charges listed above.

Upfront payment of correspondent banks’ processing fees

Available for branch transactions only. Not available for payments through NetBank or CommBiz.

You can instruct us to submit an International Money Transfer with a request that all fees and charges applied by intermediary and receiving banks for their role in processing the payment be charged to you, rather than to the beneficiary. If you do, the following correspondent fee will apply in addition to the normal International Money Transfer fees listed above.

USA USD $30.00
Thailand THB $32.00
Ireland EUR $10.00
France EUR $32.00
Hong Kong HKD $40.00
United Kingdom GBP $25.00
New Zealand NZD $20.00
Solomon Islands SBD $10.00
Papua New Guinea PGK $20.00
Vanuatu VUV $35.00
Sri Lanka LKR $10.00

Please note that all other country and currency combinations (e.g. sending USD to England) will incur a correspondent fee of $50.00. Upfront payment of correspondent fees is not available for AUD and JPY payments, or payments to Japan, Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece. 

  • * Note: While we’ll submit the payment for processing on this basis, we are unable to control how the payment will be processed by other banks and therefore we make no guarantee that intermediary and receiving banks will not deduct additional fees and charges from the payment during processing, despite payment of this flat fee.

Receiving money

For credit of a Commonwealth Bank Australian dollar (AUD) account (regardless of currency) Up to $11.00 per transfer*
For credit of a Commonwealth Bank Foreign Currency Account Up to $11.00 per transfer*
For credit of an AUD account at another bank Up to $25.00 per transfer*
For credit of a Foreign Currency Account at another bank Up to $35.00 per transfer*
Payment by bank cheque Up to $20.00 per cheque*

* Fee charged depends on arrangements with overseas banks.