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Future Savers app: start an amazing augmented reality adventure

Are you ready to snap pictures of colourful butterflies all around you? To bring hover basketball into your room? How about fly a drone through a futuristic city? These three fun games will be unlocked weekly and teach you useful money lessons along the journey.

Download and play the Future Savers app from Monday 16 October 2017.

Future Savers app

How to enter

The Future Games competition starts on Monday 14 August 2017 and ends on Friday 10 November 2017. There are two prize draws to enter. View full competition terms and conditions.

To automatically be in the running for the High Tech Prizes – hundreds of racing robots, activity trackers and 3D pen sets – School Bankers must simply complete the first step below. For a chance to also win a Game Master Prize – a Nintendo Switch Neon Console Pack – complete all three steps below.

Step 1

Make three or more School Banking deposits between 14 August 2017 and 10 November 2017.

Step 2

Download the Future Savers app from 16 October 2017 on a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android, and play all three games (unlocked weekly).

Step 3

Complete the online entry form between 30 October 2017 and 10 November 2017 to enter the competition.


Game Master Prize and High Tech Prizes

Future Savers app FAQs

  1. From Monday 16 October 2017, download the Future Savers app. Simply search “Future Savers” in the App Store (for iOS devices) or in Google Play (for Android devices) on a compatible smartphone or tablet. See ‘Device Requirements’ below.
  2. Open the Future Savers app. Follow the instructions to point your device’s camera at your Dollarmites deposit book. If you can’t find it, a new design $5 note will also work to trigger the augmented reality, or you can print the marker below on A4 paper in colour or black/white. 
    Download and print marker PDF
  3. Start playing the first game – games 2 and 3 will be unlocked on Monday 23 October 2017 and Monday 30 October 2017, respectively. Make sure that the calendar and time is set correctly on your device.

Augmented reality is a technology that uses the camera of a mobile device to make virtual images appear as though they are in your room. In a game like the Future Savers app, this brings the fun to your real-life surroundings. That’s why the app requires access to the camera.

Augmented reality usually relies on a point of reference called a marker. This predefined object is recognised by the app and helps it understand where a flat surface is, so the game elements on screen can appear like they’re on that surface too.

Where is the best place to play the Future Savers app?

You can play using your device and a marker anywhere you like, but placing the marker on a flat surface like a table or on the floor, in a well-lit room where you can move around, works best.

You will need a marker and a compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Our marker is the Dollarmites deposit book which you will find inside your yellow Dollarmites deposit wallet. If you don’t have one, you can also use a new design $5 note. TIP: the side with the queen works best! Find a suitable table in a well-lit room, place your marker flat on it and point your device to the marker from above, as prompted in the app. Try to keep it in view of the camera as you move around to explore different angles. 

Game 1 - 16 Oct,  Game 2 - 23 Oct, Game 3 - 30 Oct
Game 1 - 16 Oct,  Game 2 - 23 Oct, Game 3 - 30 Oct

Keep pointing your device’s camera to the marker. Whether it’s the Dollarmites deposit book or a new design $5 note, your marker should lay flat, without folds or crinkles, and not faded. You can also print a marker using the link below on A4 paper in colour or black/white. 

Download and print marker PDF

Device requirements

The Future Savers app is compatible with selected iOS and Android devices. iPads or tablets provide the most immersive experience.

Apple iOS 


Operating System: iOS 9.3.2 or later

Compatible iPads:  iPad Air 2 or later

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 5s or later

To find the iOS version installed on your device, go to Settings > General > About.

Operating System: Android 6.0.1 or later

Compatible tablets: Samsung Galaxy tab S2 or higher

Compatible smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher 

To find the OS installed on your device, go to Apps > Settings > About Device. 


Future Savers app troubleshooting

My device is not compatible with the Future Savers app. Can I still enter the competition and complete the online entry form?

If you are unable to play the app, you will still be able to answer the questions in the entry form if you read the Future Savers Money Lessons story below. It describes the Dollarmites’ adventure of learning smart money lessons in a futuristic city, as experienced in the app.

Make three or more School Banking deposits during the competition period + read the story + complete the online entry form before Friday 10 November 2017 for your chance to win. 

Story - Future Savers Money Lessons PDF

I’m stuck at the “Point your device…” screen and nothing is happening.

  1. Make sure you are using one of the recommended markers (Dollarmites deposit book, flat new design $5 note, or the printed PDF marker) to point to.
  2. Try moving closer to and/or directly above the deposit book or other item you may be using. Once the city or characters appear, you can move your device around to view them.
  3. If the room is dark, try moving to a room with more light.
  4. If none of those work:
  5. Check that your device is within the compatible devices list – see ‘Device Requirements’ in FAQs.
  6. Make sure your device’s camera is uncovered and working properly.
  7. Restart the app (How to restart an app on iOS / How to restart an app on Android)

The app says Camera Access was denied and I can’t continue. Why?

You may have selected “Deny” or “Don’t Allow” when Future Savers asked to use your device’s camera. No need to worry, the camera is not used to take any photos or video - it’s only used to place the augmented reality items into your real world.

To restore camera access:

  • In iOS, go to Settings » Privacy » Camera and scroll down to Future Savers and turn on camera access by tapping the switch on the right to green
  • In Android, open the Settings app and tap “Apps” under the Device heading. Then scroll down and tap on Future Savers. On the Future Savers app information screen, you’ll see a category called “Permissions” - tap on it and then scroll to “Camera” and tap the switch to the on position.

I can’t find the games. Where are they?

The links to the games are floating above the future city, which appears with the use of augmented reality using your device’s camera and a marker. Look out for the butterfly, drone and basketball!

Some games are locked. Why?

The three games within the Future Savers app follow the Dollarmites through a story of learning money skills. A game is unlocked each week, starting Monday 16 October 2017, and also in the order that they are intended to be played. Complete the unlocked game to play the next when it is available. Make sure that the calendar and time is set correctly on your device.

I can’t hear the characters speaking.

Be sure to turn up the volume on your device by using the physical volume buttons on the side of your device. Headphones also work well if you’re in a loud room or if other people are listening to something else. Note that you can also enable subtitles by tapping the caption icon in the lower left corner. 

Things you should know

Conditions apply, see Promotion starts 9am AEST on 14/8/17 and ends 11.59pm AEDT on10/11/17. Entry is open to Australian residents aged between 5-13 years with parental/guardian consent who open or hold an active CommBank Youthsaver account until 11.59pm AEDT 21/11/17, and participate in CommBank’s School Banking program via the entrant’s school of enrolment. Max. 1 entry per person per draw. Two types of draws conducted: Game Master Draw and High Tech Draw, each with different entry criteria. Entries divided into State/Territory groups (for each draw): NSW/ACT, VIC, TAS, SA/NT, QLD & WA. The draw will take place at: L3, 11 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000 at 12pm AEDT on 21/11/17. The winners’ names will be published at from 28/11/17. SA/NT winners (prizes over $250) in The Australian 28/11/17. Game Master Draw Prize: Nintendo Switch Neon Console Pack valued at $627 (16xNSW/ACT, 13xQLD, 10xVIC, 3xSA/NT, 5xWA, 3xTAS). High Tech Draw Prizes (awarded in descending order of value): Ollie by Sphero valued at $159 (18xNSW/ACT, 15xQLD, 12xVIC, 4xSA/NT, 7xWA, 4xTAS). Garmin vivofit jr valued at $99 (26xNSW/ACT, 20xQLD, 15xVIC, 5xSA/NT, 9xWA, 5xTAS). 3Doodler 3D Pen Set valued at $76 (29xNSW/ACT, 23xQLD, 18xVIC, 5xSA/NT, 10xWA, 5xTAS). Promoter: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ABN 48 123 123 124, of L3, 11 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000. Permits: NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/14677; ACT Permit No. TP17/01038; SA Permit No. T17/971.

View full competition terms and conditions