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About the School Banking program

Established in 1931, School Banking has been teaching money-management skills to generations of primary school Australians.

Children who participate are rewarded with Dollarmites tokens that they can redeem for exciting rewards when they deposit regularly into their savings account. The program is supported with a range of fun and engaging materials to help them learn about money – and encourage them to save.

Not only does it teach crucial money skills, it’s also a great way for schools to engage with parents and the broader school community.

To keep students motivated and encourage participation, every year we introduce a new savings adventure. In 2018, students will join the Dollarmites, stationed at their superhero headquarters, on a Super Savers adventure. 

School Banking competitions are also run at participating schools nationally, offering students the chance to win great prizes just by saving regularly.

Support materials for School Banking Co-ordinators

Term 4 School Newsletter article, for publication in your school’s newsletter in both colour (PDF) and black and white (PDF).

Personalise these School Banking 2018 newsletter and website communications (DOC), to help you promote and support School Banking in your school.

Use these Dollarmites wallet inserts when returning School Banking rewards and student deposit books:

Use this insert to display additional School Banking rewards that are still available from previous years:

Activity sheets for students:

For more activity sheets visit the Beanstalk activity centre.

Download the School Banking Co-ordinator registration form (PDF).

Fundraising support for schools from 1 January 2018

CommBank provides schools participating in the program with fundraising support through the School Banking Contributions Program. Last financial year, participating schools shared in over $2.3 million.

Under the School Banking Contributions Program, schools receive:

  • An Establishment Contribution of $200 when their first ever School Banking deposit is processed, or if a school re-joins after 12+ months.
  • An Annual Contribution each calendar year when their first School Banking deposit is processed. The amount paid is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.

     Number of students and Contribution: 
     1-100: $100
     101-200: $200
     201-300: $300
     301-400: $400
     401-500: $500
     501+: $600

  • Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 School Banking deposits processed per student, in line with the existing School Banking Rewards Program for students.

View the School Banking Contributions Program prior to 1/1/18

How to get your school involved

If you are a Principal and you would like to introduce School Banking to your school, please call our School Banking Helpdesk on 1800 674 496, Monday to Fridays, 9am to 5pm (Sydney/Melbourne time).

A School Banking Specialist will talk you through the steps to get started.

You’ll also need to think about recruiting volunteers, such as parents, carers, grandparents or school employees as School Banking Co-ordinators. The energy and commitment they bring play a vital role in the success of the School Banking program.

School Banking Co-ordinators are the volunteers who are vital to the success of the program. Supported by our School Banking Specialists, they facilitate the program, collect and process deposits at CommBank branches or Australia Post Offices, and manage the Rewards Program.

Schools are assigned a School Banking Specialist to assist Principals and Co-ordinators facilitate the program. They provide regular advice and tips on how to encourage participation either over the phone or through in-school visits (for schools in metro locations or major regional centres).

Want to know more?

School Banking Helpdesk

Call our School Banking Helpdesk on 1800 674 496 (weekdays 9am – 5pm, Sydney/Melbourne time).

School Banking Contributions Program prior to 1 January 2018

  • $5 when a student made their first School Banking deposit.
  • 5% commission on every deposit made (up to $10 commission per individual deposit); or
  • Minimum commission payment of $25 per quarter provided at least one School Banking deposit was received by the school per quarter.

Commissions were paid quarterly in April, July, October and January each year. Commissions were deposited directly into a bank account nominated on the registration forms and could be spent by the School as they wished.