Accessing your super can begin once you reach your ‘preservation age’. One of the ways to access superannuation is through a pre-retirement pension. This is a regular income stream drawn from your super savings while you’re still working. Pre-retirement pensions give you more flexibility as you begin your transition to retirement.

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Pre-retirement pensions provide a number of benefits to people who have reached the preservation age. These include:

  • You can access an extra source of income, which may enable you to reduce your working hours
  • In most cases, you’ll pay less tax on your pension income than you would on equivalent salary or wages
  • You can keep contributing to super through salary sacrifice while drawing a pre-retirement pension up to a determined age

What you need to know

Pre-retirement pensions aren’t for everyone and not all superannuation funds allow them. You should first discuss your tax position, financial objectives and retirement needs with a financial planner.

You should particularly consider:

  • Whether you have enough superannuation savings to support drawing a pension
  • If your super fund offers a pre-retirement pension
  • If your employer will allow you to work part time at a rate that suits you, continue to pay your super guarantee contributions and allow you to salary sacrifice
  • The costs of this strategy

While pre-retirement pensions let you access your super as an income stream before retiring, there are restrictions on withdrawing super as a lump sum while still working.

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Planning for retirement

Taking an active role in planning your retirement will not only make you feel more confident about your financial future, it will help boost your retirement savings, so you can live the retirement lifestyle you want. 

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