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What is flexi-linking and how does it work?

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Last updated 14 April 2014

Flexi-linking lets you link your Life Care policy held inside super to your TPD and/or Trauma Cover policy held outside of super.

Flexi-linked rider cover premium rates apply under flexi-linking which means your premium will generally be cheaper than holding the same cover across two policies which aren’t flexi-linked and, therefore, priced at the more expensive stand-alone premium rates.

There are other important impacts on how the cover works across the two policies where flexi-linking applies. It’s important you fully understand all of the impacts of flexi-linking and you can read more about them in the CommInsure Protection Product Disclosure Statement.

Your financial adviser can help you work out whether flexi-linking will suit your needs.

If you don’t have a financial adviser, a Commonwealth Financial Planner may be able to help you. To arrange a no-obligation consultation, simply call 1800 241 996.

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