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How much super should my employer be contributing for me?

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Last updated 13 November 2014

For most people, your employer should be paying an amount currently equal to 9.5% of your pre-tax earnings into your super fund each quarter (known as super guarantee contributions).

These payments are called super guarantee payments or employer contributions. If you are entitled to super guarantee payments, your employer must pay a minimum of 9.5% of your earnings base into your super account.

Your earnings base may be stated in an award, an agreement or contract with your employer, an occupational super arrangement or a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory.

If none of these applies to you, your earnings base will be based on ‘ordinary time earnings’. This is what you earn for your ordinary hours of work, which generally includes your ordinary pay, over-award payment, shift loading and commission.

From 1 July 2008 all employers will be required to calculate the minimum contributions using what you earn for your ordinary hours of work.

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