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What documents do I need to upload in NetBank to support my personal loan application?

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Last updated 14 January 2016

When you are applying through NetBank, these are the documents you may be required to upload:

1. Proof of income

Your two most recent payslips or, if you’re self-employed, your last two years’ tax returns/financial statements and your latest assessment notice.

2. Banking records

Account statements for any savings and investment accounts held with financial institutions other than the Commonwealth Bank covering the last three months.

3. Loans & Debts

Account statements or details of any current loans held with financial institutions other than the Commonwealth Bank  covering the last three months.

4. Car loans

If you want to use the car you’re purchasing as security on your loan, please provide:

  • Car details including  registration number, VIN or chassis number and engine number
  • Dealer's name, contact details and bank account details
  • Dealer's tax invoice
  • Proof of comprehensive car insurance 

Extra things new customers need

If you’re a new customer then you’ll need to provide identification at any Commonwealth Branch.

One of the following documents which contains your photo:

  • Passport
  • Australian drivers/firearms licence
  • Proof of Identity/Proof of Age card

Or two different documents from this list:

  • Birth Certificate (Original or Certified Copy)
  • Citizenship Papers (Original or Certified Copy)
  • Pension Card
  • Council rates or utility bill or Australian Taxation Office assessment notice or overseas drivers licence (only one of these documents may be used)

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