Our commitment to you

  • At CommBank, our purpose is to improve the financial wellbeing of our customers and communities. This includes those who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

    We recognise that some of our customers may require assistance in controlling their gambling spend – it’s a growing issue our community is facing.

    Our gambling and cash block gives you greater control over what you spend on gambling.

How we can help

  • If you’re a CommBank customer experiencing problems with gambling, we have a range of support and tools available to help you control what you spend on gambling.

    You can request a 6-month block on gambling spend to your CommBank personal and/or business credit card.

    If you let us know that you’re affected by gambling and need help controlling your gambling spend, we can connect you to our specialist Community Wellbeing team. They’ll provide you with confidential support to help you with your immediate banking needs. This may include:

    • Providing you with financial hardship assistance
    • Discussing financial wellbeing and control tools
    • Blocking gambling and cash transactions on your credit cards
    • Blocking online gambling and online cash transactions on your debit cards
    • Connecting you to additional support services

    You can call our specialist Community Wellbeing team on 1800 222 387  between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (Sydney/Melbourne time – excluding public holidays). 

Self service locks

  • We've introduced a digital self-service gambling lock to support you if you want to take a break or stop gambling on your credit or debit card.

    In a few simple steps, you can lock your card from gambling transactions via either NetBank or the CommBank App.

    As an added support, once a lock is switched on, there's a 48-hour cooling-off period needed to turn it off.

What happens when you call us?

  • It takes courage to talk openly about your situation – our specialist team members understand that and are ready to support you in any way they can.

    Our Community Wellbeing team is trained to assess your situation and help you secure your financial wellbeing. When you speak to a Community Wellbeing specialist, they’ll start by asking you a few questions about the help you need, and then explain the support we may be able to offer you. Any information you share will be treated with confidence.

Our gambling and cash blocks

  • How it works

    The CommBank credit card gambling and cash block applies to:

    • Most gambling transactions, such as TAB, online gambling sites and lottery tickets
    • Other transactions we consider to be cash equivalents, such as money transfers or travellers cheques
    • Money withdrawn or transferred by you or an additional cardholder at ATMs, online, or over the counter at any CommBank branch

    If you ask us to apply a block, we’ll stop most cash advances and cash-equivalent transactions, including gambling transactions that come to us for authorisation.

  • Apply a gambling block

    To apply a gambling and cash block, you need to:

    • Call our specialist Community Wellbeing team on 1800 222 387 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (Sydney/Melbourne time – excluding public holidays).
    • Let the team know that you want to apply a gambling block to your credit card during the call. We’ll ask you to commit to it for a set period of time.
    • We’ll immediately apply the block to your CommBank personal and/or personal liability business credit card(s). This means any additional cardholder won’t be able to access cash or spend money on gambling either.

    We’ll contact you via email or SMS to confirm the block is in place

What other support is available?

  • If you or someone you know is negatively impacted by gambling, there are free services you can access outside CommBank.

    As a first point of contact, we recommend calling the Gambling Help Online support service on 1800 858 858. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7.

    You can also live chat with a professional counsellor, find a local support service and learn more about what help is available through their website.

    If English isn’t your first language, and you’d like help contacting Gambling Help Online, you can call the telephone Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450, let them know your preferred language, and ask them to contact Gambling Help Online on 1800 858 858 on your behalf. TIS National is available free of charge. 

Keep in mind

    • The gambling and cash block is available for credit card customers only
    • We’re unable to block transactions that don’t come to us for authorisation. You’ll be responsible for these, even if they relate to gambling.
    • You can ask us to remove a gambling and cash block when the set period of time ends. If you don’t ask us to remove it, the block will remain on your card.
    • From 11 June 2024, interactive gambling providers are prohibited from accepting payments using a credit card, payments linked to a credit card (including digital wallets) or payments using digital currency.