Your Performance

CommBank is a meritocracy...

“If you’re ambitious and motivated to put your hand up, you’ll get the opportunities. I think I’ve been chosen for large projects because of my analytical mindset, for my collaborative style, and because people trust in the work that I’ve done in the past. So put your mind to what you do well, focus on excellence and back yourself for new challenges.”

Kai Yang 
General Manager Balance Sheet & Specialist Advisory Service, Risk Management

“CommBank has set up an environment where you can expect mentoring – it’s very common. You’ll have day-to-day mentors as part of your role, but as you build your network there’s lots of informal help as well. Every one of my leaders has demonstrated their willingness to help me and that drives positive behaviours. They’ll also go out of their way to find other mentors and instructors where they see value and potential. It’s an organic and effective way to grow and it provides a great framework to improve and achieve performance.”

Caleb Reeves
Head of Productivity Transformation, Retail Banking Services

There’s lots of informal help. - Caleb Reeves