Marcelina Wolfgram
Customer Executive Manager, Branch
Transformation, Retail Banking Services

“Occasionally my role has grown organically into something bigger, however most of the time I’ve been tapped on the shoulder by my managers, who’ve said ‘I think it’s time you stretched yourself’. They recognised talents I hadn’t seen and encouraged me to step up, taking me from team leader to branch manager, to regional management and now executive management. So when a role seems like a challenge, remember that at CommBank you are supported. Trust that you have it within yourself to make the leap to the next big thing and you’ll realise you can stretch yourself. When you’re thinking ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know how to do this’, know that you can grow and achieve more than you thought possible.”

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“It’s given me the confidence to take on the big challenging projects”

Kai Yang
General Manager Balance Sheet & Specialist Advisory Service, Risk Management

“Finding a mentor at CommBank is very easy and is a great way to get coaching for career development. I’ve been supported very well and have been fortunate to have strong managers, who’ve been very generous with their feedback and positive reinforcements. That help and guidance along the way has given me the confidence to take on the big challenging projects.”

New routes for growth

Rana portrait

“One thing I’ve really enjoyed has been our Capability Exchange Program. It gives us the opportunity for overseas secondments where we can use our skills to raise the capability of our international business partners.

“I found that during my two-year secondment at Vietnam International Bank - in which Commonwealth Bank Group has a shareholding - I was not just building and launching new products, but also growing as an individual and as a leader. The program is a fantastic route to new challenges and personal learning opportunities.” 

Rana Peries
Head of IT Innovation and Digital Financial Services Asia, International Financial Services 

A vital part of life

Neil Swane, Workplace Manager, talks about how he’s been supported to pursue more opportunities at CommBank.

Growing with the market

Sherry’s success story

Sherry Zhu

Many international banks in China have already adopted specific strategies to build and strengthen their operations in the expanding market. Sherry was working in China and could see there was still much to learn about new and different strategies for the maturing economy:

“I knew in order to benefit both CommBank and my own career that I needed exposure to markets and experiences outside of China. So I took the initiative and had conversations with both my manager in China and my HR leader in Australia.

“Right from the beginning they were very supportive of me and my thinking, and began looking out for the right opportunity for me. This came in the form of a one-year secondment to help develop Commonwealth Bank’s processes, procedures and policies for our continued growth into Asia. However the help didn't stop there. I received amazing assistance when it came to moving, especially with the logistics involved in setting up a new home for my family here in Sydney. And I’ve continued to receive fantastic support from many individuals working here. Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel at home.”

Sherry Zhu
Executive Manager Human Resources, International Financial Services.