Our benefits

There’s more to working at CommBank than just great financial rewards. Want to spend more time with your family, or on your health and fitness? Ready to grow your career but still maintain a balance? Not only do we offer training and development that’s tailored to your ambitions, you’ll also experience the flexibility and support that are just part of life here. 

Find out what’s on offer and how different people are using the wide range of benefits we provide. 

Our benefits

We reward

We’ve created a range of financial benefits including:

Competitive pay

We are rewarded with competitive salaries, superannuation and salary packaging options. Many positions also offer performance incentives.

Employee share plan

Our Employee Share Acquisition Plan (ESAP) recognises and rewards the role we play in helping CommBank succeed. Under the plan, you could potentially receive up to $1,000 in CommBank shares every year, subject to a performance target being met.

Salary sacrifice super

If you’re eligible, you may take part of your base salary and/or potential bonus payment as employer super contributions rather than cash income.

Salary sacrifice shares

Under our Employee Salary Sacrifice Share Plan (ESSSP), if you’re eligible, you can purchase up to $5,000 per annum of CommBank shares on a pre-tax basis (i.e. a salary sacrifice arrangement) from your base salary, annual bonus payment, or a combination of both. 

Salary sacrifice childcare fees

If eligible, you can salary sacrifice childcare costs incurred at our Group nominated corporate childcare centres, which are located in the Sydney CBD and Sydney Olympic Park.

Commonwealth Bank Group Super

Exclusively for current and former employees and their spouses, Commonwealth Bank Group Super is an award-winning super fund with 75,000 members. Members can take advantage of fees up to 45% lower than the average super fund, flexible investment and insurance options and other features designed to enhance the financial wellbeing of our people throughout their careers (even if they leave employment with the Group) and in retirement.

Banking benefits

We are offered high quality employee banking, investments and insurance services. We also receive a range of competitive special discounts and benefits that have been designed for employees only.

Service recognition

We recognise our long-standing employees, celebrating one, five and twenty year anniversaries.

Staff deals

We can take advantage of discounted prices across a number of different general lifestyle products and services, thanks to CommBank’s relationship with corporate suppliers and customers.

Child care centres

CommBank offers priority access to a number of long day childcare places for children aged 0-5 years in nominated corporate child care centres. There are four centres in Sydney CBD and one at Sydney Olympic Park. 

We are flexible

We encourage you to see work as just one part of your active, balanced lifestyle, with multiple flexible working arrangements and leave options to help you juggle your work and personal circumstances.

Additional leave

Over and above annual sick leave and long service leave, we offer further options to eligible employees. These include parental leave, additional purchased annual leave, career breaks, carers leave, study leave, community service leave, compassionate leave and unpaid leave.

Working part-time

This benefit provides the flexibility to work fewer hours than a full-time job requires, while receiving pro rata full-time pay and conditions, such as annual leave entitlements.

Job sharing

This enables two team members to voluntarily occupy one role. Generally, the duties and responsibilities are shared, but there is no standard way of dividing the working week.

Flexible work arrangements

We can take advantage of flexible working hours, and work from home arrangements.

Purchasing leave

We can purchase up to four weeks of additional leave over a 12 month period, providing a regular income throughout the year.

We care

We offer support at all levels, and in many different ways. This includes: 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

All of us - and our immediate families - receive access to a short-term confidential counselling service. Our Employee Assistance Program is a professional, confidential short-term counselling service for permanent employees and their immediate families who face personal, family or employment related concerns. A manager hotline also provides advice to managers, team leaders and HR support.


We provide access to the CommBank Parents@Work Program which provides support and resources for parents to help them prepare for parental leave, return to work, manage their career as a working parent and balance home and work demands. 

We also receive priority access to nominated childcare centres, as well as the ability to salary sacrifice childcare costs at four of our nominated childcare centres.

We can also source various child care options through Work/Life Links, an external, confidential information and resource service. 

Nursing mothers

Our workplaces have Nursing Mothers’ Retreats for employees returning to work. They offer private, comfortable surroundings equipped with baby change facilities. These spaces are also available to visiting partners.

Caring for others

Through our association with Carers Australia, support is available for those of us with caring responsibilities. Work/Life Links provides information and support for employees providing care for family members with a disability or who are frail, aged or have a chronic condition.

We look after ourselves

We want to be as healthy and happy as possible, and to lead balanced and productive lives. To achieve this, we provide several key benefits:

Private health insurance 

CBHS is an award winning not-for-profit health fund that’s specifically for employees and our families. CBHS has been providing a range of health cover options with competitive rates and generous benefits exclusively to employees and their immediate family since 1951.


We can access a range of health and wellbeing workshops covering topics such as stress management, exercise and fitness, nutrition, mental health and parenting. We are able to enrol in lifestyle programs through online health and support tools, which provide a library of information on diet, nutrition, exercise, and mental and physical health.

Discounts and deals

Through Staff Deals, we can access a range of health and wellbeing discounts.

Wellbeing Programs

At CommBank, we care about the health and wellbeing of our people. To help employees take care of their physical and mental health, there are a wide range of options available. Group employees have access to tools and resources to help them set and achieve physical and mental health goals, as well as services to help in day-to-day life.

Global Corporate challenge

We have the opportunity to participate in the Global Corporate Challenge, the world’s largest and most exciting corporate health initiative. In teams of 7, employees walk, swim, run and cycle over a virtual map of the world, setting goals and completing challenges.

CommBank Sports Club

Our people are supported to join the CommBank Sports Club where we can stay fit, keep motivated and meet new people. Our Sports Club members have the opportunity to register for pre-selected sporting events in each capital city.

Online resources

We have access to a range of online resources for work and home including articles on dealing with stress, taking care of our emotional health, alcohol consumption, parenting and much more.

We grow

Through on-the-job learning, training courses and coaching, we’re continually improving our skills and services so that we can ensure our customers’ expectations are always exceeded.

Our training and development offering includes:

Numerous general career support initiatives and tools

We offer various sources of support such as regular development discussions, training courses, on-the-job coaching and exposure, internal job vacancy listings, talent reviews, self discovery tools, tips and hints resources, induction programs, career models and mentoring opportunities. (Note: some of these are Groupwide, some are Business Unit-specific and some may not be available in all areas.)

Tertiary study assistance

We offer the opportunity to obtain approval for up to 100% financial assistance and flexible leave to complete studies that will help you grow your career and develop in your current and/or future roles at CommBank.

Professional memberships

If you want to maintain a professional status, CommBank may help by providing assistance for certain professional memberships.

Educational scholarships for children

Potential scholarships opportunities are available to children of employees who are attending university. 

CEO Awards

The CEO Awards are the CommBank’s pinnacle recognition program which acknowledges the very ‘best of the best’ performers across the organisation. 

We reward and recognise teams and individuals who provide exceptional service and productivity improvements, and consistently role-model the Group’s values that underpin our strategic priorities and vision.  

The benefit of talking

“In our roles we support people, businesses and communities, so I think it’s important that – as employees – we can enjoy and advocate for the services and products CommBank offers. There’s such a wide range of benefits that I probably don't take advantage of them all, however one service that does stand out is the Employee Assistance Program. 

“Available to everyone at CommBank, this service puts you in touch with someone to discuss any issues you may be having in your life, whether it’s related to work or not. I’ve used them and found talking to a professional very helpful as it gave me a fresh perspective and a different mindset to approach the challenge. It certainly enabled me to free up the headspace I needed to handle everything and meet some of the challenges life can throw up.” 

Sue Burt
Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Innovation

Benefits of talking



A better approach to a varied career

Margaret Nassar joined CommBank over 17 years ago and has experienced many roles. Today, she’s an Executive Manager, Sales and Service Transformation.

“The development programs I’ve experienced aren’t a ‘tick the box’ exercise here.  There’s real thought given to what’s useful to me, as well as practical support to help me grow as an individual. 

“Every two to three years I’ve been able to change roles and continue to be challenged. I’ve been given pieces of exciting and high profile work that’s made a mark on the organisation. I’ve changed careers three times, first from a learning and development path to a branch management path, and then to a systems and organisational transformation path. All without having to leave the bank. When you think about it, that’s pretty cool”, she says. 

Margaret Nassar & collegaues
Margaret Nassar

“At one point one of my leaders said, “you’ve proven you can make real impacts on how our branches operate, but we’ve never seen whether you can manage a P&L”. It made me think about what else I wanted from my career and so I was given the opportunity, initially relieving an Area Manager for two weeks, but the assignments got longer. I had a lot of really good supporters who knew I could do it, and slowly helped me build the confidence that I could.  My first own P&L was a network of 15 branches and 180 people. That development experience is still one of the highlights of my career.”

Now Margaret is taking a career break, but has no concerns about her career or the support of CommBank.

“I’m taking 14 weeks off work and travelling and I’m going to embrace every day. Right now I don't have a role to come back to, but I can trust my leaders here to continue helping me to find challenging roles that develop me and my career.”

Supporting further education - a win/win

Caleb Reeves

Caleb Reeves joined CommBank IT in 2004, as a systems analyst/technician. After working on several cross-departmental projects, Caleb moved across to the product area of the business. 

“One of the best benefits I’ve enjoyed is the support for education; something that’s let me continue to do bigger and better things in my career. 

“I completed my MBA part-time and the bank supported me, both financially and with time off. It was a big commitment for me while holding down a busy, full time job, but everyone was flexible – it was never a problem. 

“As for my career now, it’s not only benefited me, but I think it helps everyone else I work with. From the advice I give to staff to how I dissect problems and how I present the work of our team to leaders. It’s a benefit of working here that’s made a huge difference to my career progression.”

Growth through opportunity

Rana Peries

“Pursuing opportunities is positively encouraged here. In 2006 I transferred to Hanoi in Vietnam with my family to be the Chief Information Officer of Vietnam International Bank which CommBank has a 20% share in. It was a great personal as well as professional opportunity. It also opened the door for me to do more work in other overseas markets.”

Rana Peries
Head of IT Innovation and Digital Financial Services Asia

Sherry Zhu

“Even within the booming Chinese economy I recognised my own professional development required me to gain exposure to international experiences, and importantly, international network.  CommBank has enabled me to achieve both of these by supporting my transfer from China on a one-year secondment to Australia.”  

Sherry Zhu
Executive Manager HR

Sarah Hall

“Following the birth of both of my children, I’ve been supported with equally challenging roles, and a four day working week.  I am still very busy, but there’s plenty of flexibility here for both my family and my career.”

Sarah Hall
Head of Operational Risk, Business & Private Bank

Read more about Sarah

How I benefit...

“The movie tickets are my favourite. Cheap Tuesday everyday!”

Paul Martin
Senior Manager Regional Service Delivery, Wealth Management

“Credit cards with no annual fee is an excellent benefit.”

Majella Villahermosa
Senior Analyst Business Solutions, Financial Services

“Private Health Insurance through CBHS exclusively for CommBank employees.”

Eleni Kogias
Employee Benefits Analyst, Human Resources

Important information:

All employee benefits are subject to change (including withdrawal) by the Group at any time at its complete discretion. None of the above information should be construed as providing financial or tax advice to employees. If you are thinking of taking advantage of any of these benefits, you should consider whether you should obtain your own independent tax and/or financial advice.