CommInsure’s statement regarding trauma and life insurance policies

29 February 2016

We understand that a life insurance claim is made under sad and difficult circumstances for our customers and their families.

We work hard to make the claims process as simple as possible for all cases and provide any necessary support to help each individual customer receive their full benefits. In 2015, CommInsure paid more than $860 million in claims across our trauma, life, terminal illness, total and permanent disability (TPD), and income insurance policies.

The vast majority of our customers say they are very satisfied with our claims management approach, however we always welcome feedback on what we can be doing better. When our claims decisions are disputed or our approach to customer service criticised, we encourage our customers to raise this with us through the appeal and complaints process we have in place for all of our claims decisions. 

For every individual customer case, we always aim to do the right thing. It is never too late to review a decision, especially if new information becomes available.

We believe in the value of financial advice and some life insurance products, like the Total Care Plan, are only available via a financial adviser given the complexity of the product.  This is one reason we always suggest that our customers seek the advice of a financial adviser to help choose insurance cover that best suits an individual’s needs and circumstances.