Group Fraud Policy

  • Our Fraud Policy

    Our Fraud Policy defines the Group's fraud control principles, mandatory requirements and accountabilities. It clearly articulates that the Group does not tolerate fraud and is committed to promoting and maintaining a sound ethical culture.

    All employees, temporary staff, contractors and service providers must ensure they are aware of their responsibilities and obligations with respect to the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud.

    This Policy is applicable to all businesses within the Group, including subsidiaries and joint ventures where the Group has a controlling interest.

  • Monitoring compliance

    All business unit heads are required to identify and manage their fraud risks to protect the Group’s customers, assets and reputation.

    All employees, temporary staff, contractors and service providers are required to:

    • Report all allegations, suspicions or detection of fraud
    • Adhere to the relevant fraud policy, standards, guidelines and procedures
    • Complete mandatory fraud and security training on a timely basis.

    The Group has a Fraud Risk Management Assurance program in place to monitor policy implementation and compliance. The Group Fraud Policy is subject to Biennial Review.

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