Important Information


Information Pack
An information pack has been developed to assist you in the event of the loss of a loved one.  To lose a loved one is a traumatic experience and then to be faced with the fear of suddenly having to manage one's affairs singularly is indeed daunting - "Who do I advise - What do I do? My husband/wife as the "banker" has always done it".

Whilst death is not a subject one wishes to dwell upon, it is something that happens to us and I know that we could help our families considerably by providing some basic notes to assist at those times.

Of course, it is impossible to cover all aspects as each situation is individual in itself. However, the information offered may ease a little of the trauma associated with the loss of a partner and help in attending to some of the estate matters.This pack helps to identify the processes to be followed in the event of the death of a retired officer and a place to record your important personal and financial records.

Helpful Contact Numbers:
A list of common phone numbers for your assistance.

Benefits for Retired Staff:
An overview of Commonwealth Bank benefits for retired officers and their partners.

Retired Officers Association:
Your guide to identifying the contact for the Retired Officers Association in your state; along with how to become a member.