• If the retired officer was receiving a defined benefit superannuation pension from Commonwealth Bank Group Super (formerly the Officers’ Superannuation Fund), you should notify them as soon as possible. You can contact them direct on 1800 135 970.
  • If the retired officer was an  Accumulate Plus or Retirement Access member, call 1800 023 928.
  • Additionally you can find more information on super and our fund on our website
  • Once notified, Commonwealth Bank Group Super will write to the spouse/partner or executor of the estate with any documentation that needs to be completed and returned. 

Initial documentation requested:

  • Statement in respect of Deceased Member
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Certified copy of death certificate

The fund uses these documents (and additional documents in some cases) to determine whether a reversionary pension is payable to the officer’s spouse/partner and/or any dependent children.

Note: In many cases, a death certificate may not be immediately available. You can return the other completed documents to the fund and then send the death certificate in due course. A reversionary pension (if applicable) cannot begin until a death certificate is received, but payments may be backdated at that time

For more information about pension entitlements or Commonwealth Bank Group Super, you can contact the fund on:

Accumulate Plus and Retirement Access members

  • Phone 1800 023 928 between 8am and 7pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday (outside Australia call +61 2 9115 1026)
  • Email
  • Fax 02 9303 7700
  • Mail GPO Box 4758, Sydney NSW 2001

Defined Benefit members and Lifetime pensioners

  • Phone 1800 135 970 between 8am and 7pm (Melbourne time) Monday to Friday (outside Australia call
    +61 3 8687 1810)
  • Fax 03 9245 5827
  • Mail GPO Box 4303, Melbourne VIC 3001


Bank accounts and credit cards

  • It is advisable to have at least one of your accounts in joint names so that in the event of incapacity or death the joint party can access funds, thus allowing them to attend to financial matters.
  • In the event of the death of a retired officer, accounts that are held in joint names do not need to be closed. The title of this account can be changed to the name of the surviving party.
  • In the majority of cases the credit card (MasterCard, Visa) is in the name of the retired staff member with an additional card issued in the name of the spouse/partner. In the event of the death of a retired staff member, the card will be cancelled. The surviving spouse/partner may apply for a card in their name.
  • If you are opening an account or applying for a credit card inform the staff that you are the widow/widower of a retired officer to ensure that you will continue to receive any  benefits you may be entitled to.
  • You can go into your local branch to arrange this, or contact Our Branch Employee Banking on 1800 054 000. Our Branch Employee Banking is a specialist banking team who only look after current and retired employees.

Financial advice

Upon the death of your spouse/partner, you may find it necessary to obtain financial advice. Commonwealth Financial Planning (representatives of Commonwealth Financial Planning Limited ABN 65 003 900 169 AFSL231139, a wholly owned but non-guaranteed subsidiary of the Bank) would be happy to provide assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact your local branch, or arrange a no obligation appointment through Our Branch Employee Banking on 1800 054 000.

CBHS Health Fund

Spouse/partners of retired staff members may continue their membership with the CBHS Health Fund in the event of the death of their partner. CBHS can be contacted on 1300 654 123 to arrange this.

Funeral account

The funeral account becomes the first claim on an estate. Should the account be held in the name of the deceased only the Bank can pay the account (on production of the funeral account) direct to the funeral director.

Power of attorney

Many of you may give consideration to granting an enduring power of attorney in the event of not being able to manage one's affairs. This is, of course, for each individual to assess.


Mortuary benefit

Some retired staff have an entitlement payable from this fund which is operated through the Finance Sector Union (FSU), known to many of you as the CBOA. Current benefit is approx $1500. This benefit would apply to those who, upon retirement prior to around 1988, paid an additional amount to the Union to provide them with  mortuary cover. Many have cover on both themselves and spouse/partner. Please contact the Finance Sector Union on 1300 366 378 to confirm if you are entitled to the Mortuary Benefit. Ensure your partner is aware of this benefit if you are entitled to it.

Personal information form

This form is designed to record personal and important information such as details of accounts, location of will, your executor, property deeds, investments etc in the event of incapacity or death. It is advisable to keep this information up to date as situations can change. I would also suggest that your next of kin or executor is aware of its location.

Printable personal information form