June 2013

Employee Name Date of Death Last position held Other
Edna Joan Betts 2 June 2013

May 2013

Employee Name Date of Death Last position held Other
Alexander Vincent Pincham 5 May 2013 Canberra
Norma Joyce Ager 5 May 2013 Spouse of Louis Ronald Ager
Thelma Joyce Shepherd 3 May 2013 Head Office
June Moar 7 May 2013 Queensland
Jean Scott Heydon 3 May 2013 SBV Victoria
John Beswick Gledhill 4 May 2013 Chief Manager AEFC LTD
John Ralph Lamb 7 May 2013
Phyllis May Lowe 6 May 2013 Widow of Richard Lowe
Gwenneth Grace Waldock 13 May 2013 Widow of Arthur Waldock
John Wilfred Hayne 30 May 2013 Manager Town Hall, Wollongong NSW
Colin Stuart Wildy 25 May 2013 Western Australia
Mavis Evelyn Reed 31 May 2013 Widow of Edwin Reed
Jenny Pittman 14 May 2013 Widow of John Pittman
Neil Alexander Munro 2 May 2013 Head Office
June Lovett 14 May 2013 Spouse of Kenneth Lovett
Isla Croaker 8 May 2013 Spouse of Robert Croaker
Fred Burrows 22 May 2013
Joan Meyers 2 May 2013 SBV employee
Carol Finearty 26 May 2013 Death in Service, Howrah Tas

April 2013

Employee Name Date of Death Last position held Other
Rita Marie Gillett 26 April 2013
Patricia Anna Thomas 16 April 2013
Nancy Evelyn Dodds 28 April 2013 Widow of Douglas Dodds
Ross Yuille Dartnell 30 April 2013
Audrey Zena Douglas 12 April 2013 Widow of Horace Bowman Douglas
Thelma Frances Evans 22 April 2013 Widow of George Evans
Else Maude Henshall 19 April 2013 Widow of Ronald Henshall
Ella Marjorie Irwin 20 April 2013 Widow of Arthur Irwin
Ella Amy Jackson 8 April 2013 Widow of Thomas Jackson
Thomas Lindsay 17 April 2013 NSW
Charles Richard Long 18 April 2013 Senior Manager Corporate and International
Peggy Marshall 24 April 2013 Widow of Gordon Marshall
William Edwin Murray 12 April 2013 Western Australia
William Donald Ross 26 April 2013 Head Chauffeur, Stores and Printing Dept Sydney NSW
Olive Jean Stewart 18 April 2013 Widow of Donald Stewart
Patricia Anna Thomas 16 April 2013 Widow of Alan Thomas
Andrew Ahern 29 April 2013 Death in Service, Finance Services

March 2013

Employee Name Date of Death Last position held Other
Gwen Winnifred Boyd 4 March 2013
Joan Margaret Currey 12 March 2013 Spouse of Geoffrey Currey
Irvine John Gee 23 March 2013 Victoria
Madge Laura Hill-Griffiths 19 March 2013 Widow of Kenneth Hill-Griffiths
John Andrew Hotchkies 2 March 2013 Head Office
Elizabeth Mary Kelly 31 March 2013 Widow of Joseph Kelly
Mary Geeves Richardson 5 March 2013 Widow of Robert Richardson
Alexander Ernest Ricks 26 March 2013 Messenger Queensland
Barbara Irene Roy 11 March 2013 Widow of Albert Roy
Keith White 26 March 2013 Senior Assistant Home Loans, Branch Lending Dept Victoria
Iris Pearl Wilshire 16 March 2013 Widow of Clive Wilshire

February 2013

  • Herbert Gilbert Arnold
  • Jill Barker
  • Neville James Bunnett
  • John William Fletcher
  • Garth Norman Havig
  • Jean Innes
  • Veronica Jagodski
  • Nicholas Petridis
  • Jack Grant Smith
  • Dulcie May Stafford
  • Millicent Rachel Stephen
  • Margaret Thomson
  • Ivan Robert Williams
  • Hartley Edwin Middleton

January 2013

  • Rollo Holt Best
  • Joan Marian Dowling
  • Mervyn Charles Eames
  • John Maurice Fleming
  • Elizabeth Catherine Hassett
  • Graham Leach
  • Michiko Love
  • Joanne Mereza
  • Ivan Stanley Mill
  • Betty Margaret Milliken
  • Shirley June Paige
  • Fanny Ann Patterson
  • Reginald Rhodes
  • Thelma Norine Ross
  • Iris Wilshire
  • Max Wilson
  • Mary Wilson
  • Maria Ingrassia

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