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Cyber security

Helping business customers stay ahead of scammers

Australians are losing hundreds of millions to investment scams. CommBank is staying at the forefront of scam and fraud prevention technology, so b...
20 October 2023
Cyber security

How to defend your cloud-hosted network from cyber threats

We explore how to secure your cloud-hosted network against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.
7 September 2023
Cyber security

When bank impersonators go phishing

Bank impersonators used fraudulent SMS and phone calls to scam $20 million from Australians in 2022. Micro, small and medium-sized businesses were ...
28 June 2023

Understanding the concept of Zero-Trust and how it applies to your business

Organisations from across the public and private sectors have been on the Zero-Trust architecture journey for more than a decade now. So, what is i...
7 June 2023

Building a cyber attack recovery plan

Having a cyber attack recovery plan is a critical step in building your business’ resilience.
25 May 2023

Access management and protecting business from cyber threats

To understand the importance of access management in defending your company, it’s first useful to think about the cyber-attack chain.
11 May 2023

Three Rs of Cyber for Business

Understanding your business’ cyber risk, improving your resilience and planning for recovery are key considerations for any business relying on tec...
19 April 2023
Cyber security

Businesses can't afford to ignore cyber security

Why your business can't afford to ignore cyber security
29 March 2023

Why cyber criminals target staff over systems

Australian workers are downing tools as the holiday season rolls around once more. However, holidays can potentially dial up the risk of cyber crim...
13 December 2022

What’s the biggest scam impacting Australian businesses?

Business email compromise is the number one scam affecting businesses of all sizes across Australia. CommBank’s fraud team explains how it works, h...
12 October 2022
Cyber security

Protecting business data from cyber threats

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets. It’s also one of its most vulnerable.
5 October 2022

How good are humans at detecting cyber attacks?

An organisation’s staff are at the forefront of its cyber defences. A new study investigates how to best train your staff for cyber attacks.
16 February 2022

Build cyber security into company culture

The key to fortifying your defence against cyber breaches is to build accountability into every role in your organisation.
28 April 2021

Cyber security is everyone’s business

We discuss security in the current environment, what’s at stake for your business, and what you need to do to manage your cyber risk.
16 February 2021

How to address the weakest link in your business' cyber defences

As cyber crime rises, so should our efforts to boost security and address one of the weakest links in cyber defence – people.
12 November 2020

How to make cyber security integral to your online business

In the age of coronavirus, protecting one's online business has become more vital than ever. We explore three ways to integrate cyber security into...
8 November 2020

Liberating staff through Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation could prove an effective solution for businesses grappling with the impact of the coronavirus. Rather than replacing hum...
30 October 2020