Even if you’re a good budgeter, costs can crop up that don’t fit with the plan, leaving you to try and juggle it all – from everyday bills to the extra-ordinary ones.

That’s when being able to split your payments into instalments can help, smoothing out expenses so you don’t have to dip into your savings or throw that carefully planned budget off track.  And because you can use StepPay everywhere, on whatever you need, you won’t have to face the awkwardness and disappointment at the checkout when you discover your buy now, pay later isn’t accepted! 

StepPay is made for everyday situations:

Bills, shopping and everyday life

Like so many of us, having spent a lot more time in active wear these days you’re keen to give your gym gear a refresh and get some new trainers while you’re at it. But even with the latest online sale, investing in your health doesn’t come cheap – especially when you throw in the new smart watch you’ve been eyeing off.

But when negotiating what’s going to make the cut in this month’s budget you can’t forget those regular bills - phone, gas, electricity. Not to mention your everyday staples like petrol and groceries.

StepPay can be super helpful in this scenario to smooth out your budget and make it all manageable. Think of it as your go to that covers everything from your online retail purchases to your everyday expenses. It’s accepted everywhere that Mastercard® is, and ultimately splits spending up into manageable repayments over four, equal fortnightly instalments that come automatically out of your linked CommBank repayment account.

A getaway, a wedding and a unicorn birthday all land in one month

So you and your two besties have decided to treat yourselves to a weekend away. Beachside resort, infinity pool, five-star restaurant – the works.

After paying in advance, you find out some old friends have moved their wedding forward – and it’s the weekend after your getaway. (Arggh.) It’s “no gifts please!” but you still need to buy a new dress and pay for accommodation.

Then your sister calls and she’s having a unicorn party for your niece’s second birthday two weeks after the wedding. Unmissable and you’ll need to get a gift!

You could handle any one of these events financially, but not all three at the same time.

With buy now, pay later you can break down bigger costs into smaller chunks and pay them off over time, so you don’t have to miss out or break from your regular budget.

Doin’ it for the kids

Here’s another scenario that crops up again and again.

You’ve got two kids who are mad for their extra-curricular pursuits – Lara’s doing AFL and piano, and Tim’s learning trumpet and soccer.  You love that they love their activities, but it all adds up – gear, trips and lessons.

Money-wise you’re doing ok – but you’re saving for your first home, so you’re loathe to dip into that stash. And there’s hefty rent and other unavoidable bills constantly rearing their heads. Should you maybe ask the kids to choose their favourite thing?

That doesn’t seem fair. You always said you wanted the kids to have every opportunity. StepPay could help give peace of mind – knowing you always have a way to break down big purchases, stagger your payments, and protect that deposit.

Dream trip in jeopardy?

You and your other half have worked long and hard over the years; and this past year, managed to save up a heap of leave for a month-long road trip.

Except… you suddenly realise your freezer is on the fritz. You’ll need to get it fixed or risk returning to a flooded kitchen. Not ideal.

Looking at the big picture of your budget, this new way to buy now, pay later could help you stagger your everyday expenses as well as the cost of the new fridge. Much more appealing than tapping into your holiday fund or paring back your dream trip.

Armed with StepPay, you don’t have to compromise your savings plan, or choose between what you want and what you need. Learn more about StepPay, a new way to buy now, pay later, everywhere, for purchases between $100 and $2,000.

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Learn more about StepPay, a new way to buy now, pay later wherever, on whatever

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