In all kinds of scenarios, being able to buy now, pay later can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re covering your everyday staples like groceries or petrol, shopping for a new outfit to impress at a job interview, or if you’re hit with a bill you didn’t expect. 

It might be something you need, or just something that helps you lead a fuller life, but you don’t want everyday and unexpected costs to bite into funds you've earmarked for other things. You also don’t want it to mean you miss out on something else that’s important to you. You don’t want to have to choose.

That’s when it makes sense to “spend and split” – spread out over four equal payments and give yourself some breathing room. And that’s where StepPay, CommBank’s buy now pay, later product, comes in.

The benefits of all-in-one-place payments

StepPay sits in your CommBank app alongside all your other banking so you can see, at a glance, your account information, what you’ve spent, and any repayments coming up.

It’s far easier than tracking repayments spread across multiple banks, lenders, apps and online dashboards. And not having to use lots of different passwords is a bonus too. Not to mention the relief of feeling in control of your spending, and on top of your budget.

Use StepPay wherever

With StepPay you’re not limited to participating retailers – there’ll be no awkward moment at the register waiting to see if your card is accepted. So, your medical specialist, your favourite online retailer, even your local market stall – if they accept Mastercard®, then they’ll accept StepPay. Online and in-store.

It’s the go-to banking product you can use for all your wants and needs, every day. And activating your StepPay is easy – just three simple steps.

Buy now, pay later and stagger your repayments

StepPay can help give you greater financial control as well as peace of mind knowing that whenever and wherever costs crop up, you’ve got them covered. You can use StepPay to make purchases of between $100 and $2000, and then split your repayments into equal, more manageable instalments. These will automatically come out of your linked CommBank repayment account. No need to nibble away at your savings for everyday bills or break your carefully crafted budget.

Apply for StepPay to check your eligibility, and once activated, add the card to your digital wallet to start spending. Learn more about the simple steps to eligibility

No hidden extras

When you purchase using StepPay there’s no interest charged and no account-keeping fees. There are late payment fees if you default, but they’re capped at a maximum yearly late payment fee.

More about StepPay

Learn more about StepPay, a new way to buy now, pay later wherever, on whatever

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Things you should know

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