Anthony Greenhill has helped to drive change through a defining period in CommBank’s history, held roles across all three lines of risk and has experience working in a variety of markets around the world. 

Given all this, it says a lot about Anthony that he considers his greatest accomplishment helping others to succeed.

“I like to think that being a person's manager I've helped in some way in making them a better person and a better leader.”

“I actually get pride out of seeing the success of others,” says Anthony.

“When you lead a team and you've been able to either promote people or advocate for them to be promoted, I've always been the type to get a huge amount of satisfaction out of that.”

Anthony joined CommBank over 18 years ago and has worked in a range of roles across all corners of the bank.

From audit functions to financial crime, heading up risk for CommInsure and a stint in CommBank-owned Bankwest, it’s the kind of resume you’d typically expect to see spread across multiple industries – let alone one company.

“When I joined, I certainly didn’t think I’d still be here 18 years later!”

“CommBank’s really given me that breadth and depth of different roles, which is a big reason why I'm still here.

The Bank’s size means you can move around and so many leaders are happy to take a chance on people wanting to try different roles, so I’m definitely not the only one.”

Anthony’s early career took him around the world, spending four years working across London, Hong Kong and New York after following a group of mates to the UK in his 20s. The itch to travel has never really worn off and he’s jumped at every opportunity to bring travel into his work life.

“I’ve been lucky enough to do some work with the Bank of Vietnam, as well as some trips to London and Hong Kong. I have a great interest in experiencing how cultures interact and being able to take learnings from that into my own roles,” Anthony says.

After 18 years, one aspect of life at CommBank that resonates more and more with Anthony is seeing his own personal values align with the Bank’s.

“There’s what's important to me as a person and if I see that's important to the company, then that's a huge motivator for me.”

“For example, the bank really stepping out and supporting communities, whether it was through the pandemic or fires or floods. There's a lot of really good people here trying to do the right thing for others – it’s very rewarding to be a part of.”

Looking forward, Anthony certainly doesn’t see his run at CommBank ending any time soon. Having played a key role in driving transformation across Risk recently it’s what comes next that has Anthony looking to the horizon.

“We’ve had a lot of reflection, growth and transformation in the last few years, but now the exciting thing is we’re stepping into the next phase of being market leaders.

“There’s a huge focus now on taking all the amazing innovations available to our customers – AI, machine learning, automation – and applying them to our internal systems and workflows. The impact this will have on our day-to-day is huge.

It’s really the perfect time to be in Risk at CommBank.”

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