With a workforce of almost 50,000 people, here at CommBank our reputation, mindset and collaborative culture gives us the strength to explore and deliver things that may seem out of reach. We continue to raise the bar so we can achieve more – the job opportunities are endless!

We asked around the halls what a typical career path might look like, and it turns out there's no such thing here. You own your path completely, and this could be based on a range of things, including:

Your skills & background

While it’s true some of our roles require a very specific skill set, we believe in giving people a go and supporting those with the commitment to drive their careers forward. From early on we're always looking for different perspectives – check out some of our unlikely matches from our Grad program.

Or, if you're looking to make a career change later in life, we can help make this happen too. Just ask Gianni, who after 16 years as a pilot is now working as a Change Manger in Financial Crime:

“After being stood down from Qantas in response to COVID-19, I found myself in the job market for the first time in 16 years. I heard CommBank were looking for Change Managers, and I managed to secure an interview. During the interview it became very clear that the skills I'd been using on the flight deck were transferrable to Change Management. Stakeholder engagement, risk assessment and mitigation, communications, workload management and decision making, were all things I was very experienced in. I started alongside three fellow pilots and our managers were quick to set us up for success. We were connected with mentors and began a training program to help us re-focus our skills on Change. While the work is very different, one thing remains the same – I’m working with fantastic people at an iconic Australian business.”

Your courage to try something new

With a huge scope of opportunities across the business, we've invested a lot into our internal mobility program, which captures our employees’ job histories, current competencies and desired next move. Making a permanent move or taking on a shorter-term contract or secondment gives you the opportunity to grow, experience the company and learn new skills.

“Working at CommBank for almost 25 years, I’ve worked for many leaders and changed my career path a few times, most recently moving from Financial Services to Cyber. After many years in Financial Services, I knew it was time to move on. Outside of work, I’m studying Counter Terrorism in Security and Intelligence and I felt like this was where I needed to be. I had a great relationship with my manager and I was able to have open, honest and transparent discussions about what I was feeling. I spent the next few months building my personal brand with the Cyber team. I met my now manager for an informal coffee catch-up and told her about my aspirations to make the move. I was honest and explained that my skills in the Cyber space were pretty limited. I applied for a role in her team, and before I knew it I was accepting an offer!”

- Rebecca, Senior Manager Cyber Recovery Planning

Your commitment to learn professionally & personally

At CommBank we actively encourage giving and receiving constructive challenge. While receiving feedback may sometimes feel uncomfortable or awkward, it’s a great way to build your self-awareness and identify any blind spots. We offer mentorship programs to focus on both professional and personal growth, on-the-job learning or, if you prefer a more structured approach, we have a library of almost 2000 courses to choose from.

“When I was introduced to the Mentoring Program I thought it was a perfect opportunity to broaden my network and take my development further. There was a list of leaders who’d put their hands up to be official mentors. It was great to see the willingness of these people to give up their time to develop others. I told my mentor I was trying to get promoted – she gave me tips on how to increase my personal brand, be prepared for interviews and lots of other valuable advice. If you’ve got a short-term specific goal, the mentoring program is extremely useful”.

- Jill, Senior Manager Expense Productivity Reporting

Your ambitions

How far would you like to go? Our diverse business allows us to provide career trajectories within the organisation, meaning you don't need to go elsewhere for new opportunities to advance your career. Your ambition, coupled with the right balance of care, courage and commitment, means the sky really is the limit! 

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