Never imagined yourself working at a big bank? Check out these stories from a couple of our grads who never thought they'd end up working at one either.

Joel Webber, Retail Banking Graduate

"If you had asked me during my degree if I wanted to work at a bank, I might have laughed and answered with a resounding, ‘no thanks.’ Throughout my Bachelor of Media majoring in Journalism I never doubted what I wanted to be. It was obvious, right?

"The panic set in as I got closer to completing my degree and began to reconsider journalism as a career path (I know, not the best time for the penny to drop).

"I saw CommBank’s ‘Unlikely Match’ campaign and decided I had nothing to lose by applying  if anyone were to fit the description of ‘unlikely’, surely it’s a media student who hated maths at a financial institution.

"It’s now been over a year since I made the unexpected decision to join CommBank as a Summer Intern, as part of the Youth and Young Adults Marketing team. My awesome team helped me to see my degree as a unique strength and use my existing skill set while harnessing opportunities to establish my marketing skills. I had the opportunity to roll out our O-Week campaign to university campuses nationally, collaborating with creative agencies and pitching my ideas to senior leadership.

"I was also exposed to teams in the retail bank that worked directly to support our customers. When I completed my internship the grad team encouraged me to consider a position with the Retail Banking team.

"I’ve worked alongside people who have truly supported me in my development and learning, across strategy, project management, risk management and innovation teams. My experience has been incredibly diverse; I’ve contributed to projects that will directly benefit our millions of customers, including working on the frontline with our branch staff in Alice Springs.

"While I’d always enjoyed writing and journalism, it was at CommBank that I realised my passion for storytelling and connecting with people. As a Retail Banking grad with a degree in Journalism, I'm playing an integral role in making sure our customers' stories are heard."

Michaella Han, Enterprise Services Graduate

"What do human physiology, cooking and information technology have in common? A career at CommBank. My journey began with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Physiology. With a career in medicinal chemistry in sight, I started to question if I would enjoy the life of lab work. I wanted to try something different.

"After graduating, I decided to enrol into TAFE and complete a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery to pursue my passion for cooking and eventually have my own restaurant. But after three years of daily 6am bread making and late nights of recipe testing, I realised I was mentally and physically exhausted. Something was not right; I needed a career change.

"I enrolled in a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Business Information Systems. After four years of full-time study followed by full-time work as an I.T. manager, it was time to look for my next role. I wanted to be able to say, 'I love my job' and mean it. I needed a workplace that made me feel accomplished, gave me autonomy and that I’d be proud to work for. So I joined CommBank.

"My CBA journey began in Enterprise Services, CommBank’s technology space. As someone who had average software engineering skills, I was nervous to be part of the team that drives CommBank’s digital dominance in the finance market. I soon realised, however, that it's the unique individuality of CommBank staff and diversity of skill sets that drive the bank’s success.

"I joined a team of agile experts who work to bring out the best in our people. During my first rotation I was able to lead projects, become a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and even help organise CommBank’s Agility Day. I have grown professionally and feel truly supported by my whole team. I'm proud to work for an organisation that values having a social impact and helping our communities.

"Every step of my journey has brought me to where I am today. With six months to go in the Grad Program, I’m excited to see what the future holds for me. I’ll have new adventures, make new connections and, most importantly, I’ll make a meaningful contribution to CommBank’s purpose – to improve the financial wellbeing of our customers and communities.
"Now I can truly say, 'I love my job!'"

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