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Make a difference to our customers and their businesses. Build strong customer relationships and play an integral part in forging their path to success, while working in a vibrant and innovative environment. Discover why our people choose to bank on a career at CommBank.

Our teams

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Small Business Banking (SBB)

Our SBB team supports our small business customers through the challenges and opportunities that come their way. The team serves more than 800,000 customers at branches and over the phone. Through our dedicated national relationship managers and business bankers, we build close relationships with our customers that are built on care and understanding. 

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Regional & Agribusiness Banking (RAB)

Our team builds strong partnerships with farmers and regional businesses to understand their financial needs. They implement the best strategies for each customer's unique situation. We help almost 30,000 commercial and agribusiness clients, supporting regional economies and communities across Australia. 

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Commercial Banking (CB)

Our Commercial Banking team provides dedicated relationship management to all types of businesses across Australia’s major metropolitan areas. We support businesses from small and middle sized, all the way up to corporates turning over up to $150 million. Our segment spans the nation’s most innovative, dynamic, specialist and diverse sectors – everything from start-ups to mature companies.

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We’re Australia's number 1 online broker, helping investors reach their goals for more than 20 years. Our team of trading, product and account experts work together to provide our retail and wholesale clients with access to online broking and investment product options. You’ll be part of a team of collaborators and innovators who create easy-to-use investment tools and resources that put customers in control of their investment decisions. 

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Major Client Group (MCG)

Our Major Client Group provides dedicated lending and banking solutions to the Business Bank’s largest and most complex customers nationally. We're committed to building meaningful relationships with our customers by taking the time to understand what drives them and supporting their goals through innovative banking solutions such as working capital, transactional banking and merchant facilities. Our team is experienced across a wide and diverse range of industries, typically supporting companies that turn over in excess of $150m. This includes some of Australia’s largest privately owned companies, ASX-listed entities and major property developers and investors.

Meet our people


Charlotte – Business Banker, Small Business Banking (VIC)

As the daughter of a Small Business owner, I was born and raised with a passion for Small Business. I started working for CommBank as a teller with every intention of getting into Small Business Banking, so that I could support customers like my Dad, who are the heart and soul of the Australian economy.

I’ve now worked in Small Business Banking for over five years, which has evolved into the amazing role that we call ‘Business Banker’ today. Throughout this career journey, CommBank has developed the technology required to provide customers with live business lending approvals. Now more than ever, I feel empowered in actively supporting our customers and truly making a difference in their lives.


Tom – Alumni RAB Intern & Graduate, Agribusiness Executive (NSW) 

Growing up on a large cropping and grazing farm in Orange, working in the country was a real no-brainer for me. It’s a place I know and love. When I go out for lunch and see people that I know it reminds me of that connection with the community.

We’re intertwined with the decisions that our customers make. It means the world to me when a client picks up the phone and asks me ‘what do you think of this idea?’ and ‘would you support this?’. I pride myself on the unique relationships I've built with my customers and communities.

A big part of my role is coaching customers and creating long-term strategies for them and their families. Over the past few years, my customers have faced tragic experiences – drought, bushfires, and the pandemic but coming out on the other side knowing that my customers’ businesses were ok is the ultimate form of success for me.


Donna – Executive Manager, RAB (QLD)

Home is where the heart is but, when it came to moving back to Queensland from Sydney, it was a big move for my family.

Despite the clear benefits of moving north to Townsville (including a relaxed lifestyle and the year round sunshine), it’s beautiful to see the community, the mateship and the agricultural heart of the state at its best.

Joining CommBank not long ago, I couldn’t feel more welcome. I’m excited to be able to lead a team of dedicated bankers and know that I’ve found a place where I get to use my skills to support the community that I love so much and work somewhere that works for me and my lifestyle!


Victoria – Alumni RAB Graduate, Agribusiness Executive (VIC) 

As an Agribusiness Executive for the Gippsland/ Regional Vic Area, I take care of farmers who look after everything from beef, broilers, orchards, dairy farming, and wineries. I’ve been in this role for more than a year, and I’m still learning so much every day because every customer journey is unique. And seeing their journey from end to end is one of the best parts of my role. I’m supported by my manager to get involved in events within the dairy industry so we’re not seen as just bankers, but a helping hand in the community. 

Outside of work, I like to do things that relate to my passion for the industry. I’ve founded a beef business and a young professional network in Gippsland. Starting a business is always challenging, but I’ve built my networking group talking to people who were in the same boat as me. We’ve done everything from networking events to setting up a mentee/mentor platform to pair up small business owners and farmers. All in the name of community support.


Estelle – Relationship Executive, Commercial Banking (NSW) 

Starting as a Graduate, I’ve been exposed to a range of roles within Business Banking. There’s so much variety and opportunity to support our business customers. I’m constantly learning new skills and gaining a wealth of knowledge across different industries and product specialisations.  Customer service has always been close to my heart.

Working as a Relationship Executive, I’m able to bring this passion to life. The impact that we have on our clients is felt directly, and for me, that’s something I’m proud of. I feel a sense of personal achievement and job satisfaction when we’re able to provide positive outcomes for our clients.


Antoun – Business Banking, Small Business Banking (NSW) 

My first experience with CommBank was when my family and I became customers when we moved from Egypt to Australia. We had always received exceptional service as a customer. This experience led me to start a career at CommBank seven years ago.  My journey has taken me across the Business Bank – from Asset Finance, to Relationship Management and now I’m working as a Business Banker for our small business customers.

I work with customers to fulfil their dreams of starting a business or help them grow an existing business – which is truly life changing for so many of our clients. We’re able to leverage our easy to use technology so we can provide the best solutions for our customers. I’m passionate about building meaningful relationships and supporting the growth of businesses. I’m lucky that I get a mix of it all in my role. 


Zaid – Contact Centre Associate, Small Business Banking (NSW)

I’ve always wanted to be part of something that supported the community. As someone from a multicultural background, I understand the need to have a sense of belonging. Joining the People and Community team (P&C) within Business Banking was a natural fit. I now have a direct impact on team & culture, creating a place for people to be themselves at work and have fun while doing it.

I’ve been part of ranging range of initiatives from fundraising, to virtual bake-offs to mental health check-ups. This has helped us stay connected at a time where we’re all working remotely. 


Elsa – General Manager, Major Client Group (NSW)

I’ve been in banking for over 26 years and have had the privilege of working in many different areas of finance. Having such a diverse foundation gave me the confidence to step into leadership and give back through mentoring and coaching staff. Apart from the joy of working with customers, I really love bringing a team together and watching them challenge each other and grow.

Being a woman in leadership, while raising a family, is both challenging and rewarding. I’ve been lucky enough over my career to be with my children when I choose to, and then be able to lean into my career when it suits me. All of these experiences have enriched me as a person and a leader.