Our approach

Inclusion and diversity is integral to our culture, our values and the way we do business.

Understanding and responding to the needs of our customers is best accomplished when our people and leaders reflect the diversity of our customers and their diverse views are encouraged and valued. 

Our strategy

Our Group Diversity and Inclusion strategy aims to foster an inclusive culture where our people have a sense of connection and belonging. It has three key pillars:

  1. Our People - Our workplace is one where diversity of thought is encouraged so everyone feels valued and heard, creating a sense of belonging.
  2. Our Customers - Our people understand different communities and use these insights and their own lived experience,  providing an inclusive and accessible customer experience.
  3. Our Communities - Our communities recognise us as an authentic leader in diversity and inclusion, building our external brand and relationships. 

Our current goals

Our goals support our commitment to advance gender and cultural representation across leadership roles, indigenous employment parity and accessibility and inclusion for people with a disability.  Our goals may be reviewed and changed from time to time. Our current goals are as follows:

  • Gender Diversity in leadership: having achieved our 2020 goals, we now aspire for Executive Manager roles and above to reflect the Australian working population for women. We have set a goal of achieving 47% - 50% gender equality in Executive Manager and above roles by 2025; a goal that is gender inclusive to consider people who do not identify with a binary gender (male or female). The CBA Board set a gender diversity goal of 40% female representation by the end of 2020. The Board first met this objective in 2017, and as at 1 September 2020, there was 50% female representation on the CBA Board. We continue to aim for 40% female representation on the Boards of CBA Group Subsidiaries. Learn more about gender diversity at CommBank
  • Cultural Diversity in leadership: we aim for cultural diversity of our senior leaders to match the cultural diversity of the Australian population (as measured by CBA’s Cultural Diversity Index) by 2025.
  • Indigenous employment parity: we are committed to increasing employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be at parity with the Australian population.  We aim to achieve 3% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in our domestic workforce by December 2026.
  • Accessibility: Our 2021-2023 Accessibility and Inclusion Plan sets a public commitment to continue to strengthen our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.  The Plan includes measurable goals to create a more accessible and inclusive work environment for people with disability and further improve our customers’ access to our services.

Our progress

As part of our commitment to transparency and disclosure around our Inclusion and Diversity activities, we report our progress against our key goals, initiatives and measures, including goals for the previous financial year in our annual report.

2020 Financial Year: Key Diversity Metrics

As at 30 June 2020:

  • Women represented 41.2% of Executive Manager and above roles and 45.0% of Manager and above roles, compared to 39.1% and 45.0% as at 30 June 2019.

As self-nominated in the Group’s FY2020 annual people and culture survey in October 2019: 

  • Based on our Cultural Diversity Index, the Bank continues to be more culturally diverse than the Australian population (based on the Australian census). However, we know we need to do more to improve the cultural diversity across our leadership roles.
  • 1.5% of our workforce most strongly identified with Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander ancestry, compared to 0.9% in FY2019.
  • 8.7% of our employees identified as having a disability compared to 10.5% in FY2019.
  • 3.3% of our employees identified as LGBTI compared to 3.4% in FY2019; and
  • 66.0% of our employees worked flexibly, compared to 73.9% in FY2019. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank has seen a larger proportion of our people working remotely to prioritise their safety, health and wellbeing.

Refer to our 2020 CBA Annual Report for more information on our progress and diversity metrics.


Key information

1 Since 2019, rather than report separately, we have reported on our inclusion and diversity as part of non-financial reporting in the CBA Annual Report. 

2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index logo

We are proud to be included in the global 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index which recognises our commitment to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality for our people, our customers and communities.

Gender equality – We are compliant with the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 for our relevant reporting entities, namely: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Colonial Services Pty Ltd, Commonwealth Securities Limited, and BWA Group Services Pty Ltd