These days, it’s almost impossible to talk about technology without mentioning the cloud. The cloud is every organisation’s not-so-secret weapon to transform the operating model for application development teams, promote a healthy DevOps culture, reap the full benefits of scale and on-demand computing and access the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Yuri Belenky, our General Manager for Cloud Enablement knows first-hand what cloud technology is capable of. He leads multiple teams of cloud engineers, software and system engineers to build a cloud platform that enables CommBank to continue to modernise and remain Australia’s leading digital bank.

“Do you want to come to work every day knowing you’re responsible for defining the future of your organisation? If yes, then joining our Cloud Enablement team is the way to go,” says Yuri.

“I’ve been working with cloud systems and platforms for more than 10 years across different industries and I’ve never been more captivated by the unique problem space that CommBank offers for its technologists. The size and nature of our systems and the pace at which our customers’ expectations are changing means we’re always seeking out the latest technology, experimenting and pushing the boundaries.  

Modernising the Bank isn’t just about technology. Culture also plays a huge role and I don't think there's ever been a more exciting time to join us. We have an ambition to reduce the meantime to innovation where our people can go from idea to implementation faster than ever before, safely with minimal obstacles. To achieve this, we really encourage our people to not fear failure, to go crazy with ideas and to adopt a ‘cloud mindset’, one where they always start designing products with cloud capabilities in front of mind as opposed to an afterthought.”

Jason Sandery our Executive Manager Cloud Foundation couldn’t agree more with Yuri. He’s on the search for over 15 cloud, DevOps and software engineers from all across Australia to join his team as we scale our cloud operations. And he’s eyeing our latest tech hub in Melbourne to cast the net.

“The cloud movement at CommBank is going strong and continues to grow. We’re looking for out-of-the-box thinkers who want to use technology to work on real-world problems that have the potential to change the lives of our 17 million+ customers.” said Jason.

“Cloud engineers may think they need to be based near our Sydney head office to have regular exposure and face time with our tech leads - but this isn't the case. Our General Manager for Cloud, Yuri, is Melbourne based, along with our Head of Cyber, Chief Data Scientists, X15 engineers and many more of our tech talent. There’ll be plenty of opportunities outside of Sydney to collaborate and innovate with the team.

We’ve got an ambitious and well-funded 3 year roadmap covering technologies like API hosting platforms, cloud identity and security, almost every aspect of cloud native services and containerisation at scale and we’re looking to set the standards for a world class, self-service, and secure public cloud platform. 

On top of this exposure, there's a huge investment in growing our engineers to be the best they can be. We support our engineers to obtain AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud certifications, take up reskilling opportunities and we’re focused on optimising our promotions process. Their development is always top of mind. 

If I had to put my finger on it, I’d say the best part of my job is being able to help others. We’ve done some really cool things in the last few months such as putting in place automated controls to reduce risk, given developers cloud testing environments so they can safely experiment with their code and empower the wider business to be able to access and self-serve their cloud needs. Hence why our cloud engineers are more than just passionate coders, they’re also influencers, communicators and big picture thinkers.”

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