Our ambition

We’re on a journey to deliver leading digital experiences to our customers.

While we currently have one of the largest technology teams in Australia, we’re ramping up our innovation agenda. Over the coming months, we’re aiming to appoint in excess of 600 engineers across a variety of disciplines, including software, systems, data and test engineers.  

Distinguished Engineers

To further help us achieve this strategic goal we’ve created a new ‘Distinguished Engineers’ role.

Our Distinguished Engineers represent the pinnacle of the engineering profession, and will be responsible for helping us deliver against our goal of becoming a global leader in technology.

Speaking about our recruitment plans, Chief Information Officer for Technology, and newly appointed Distinguished Engineer, Brendan Hopper, said if we’re to continue to deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences, it’s imperative we have a robust network of engineers.

“Technology is at the forefront of every organisation around the world. No longer is technology part of a business, it IS the business. The pace of change is accelerating and we want to be in front of the curve. Our customers will benchmark us not against the other banks, but against best digital experiences, full stop.

To deliver global-best experiences, we need to have the support of a world-class engineering network, which is why we’re looking to appoint in excess of two new engineers every day from a variety of disciplines.” 

Brendan explains that the new engineers would help solve complex customer problems and, in turn, ensure we deliver a best-in-class, global-leading customer service experience.

We’ve got some hard problems, we’ve got a clear agenda, and we’ve got support from the top. Importantly we also have a critical mass of people who can teach each other.

“Our network of engineers will help us in our ambition to be not only a leading digital player in the banking industry, but deliver digital experiences for our customers that are leading against a global peer set,”

Brendan is the first of three new Distinguished Engineers to be appointed, all of whom are responsible for influencing the strategic planning processes and, in turn, transforming our digital experiences.

We’ve hand-selected these people from both external and internal channels. The Distinguished Engineers were chosen for their engineering acumen, thought leadership, strategic thinking, ability to solve complex problems and drive change. 

“My fellow Distinguished Engineers and I will work across the enterprise and empower our engineering community by advocating for better resources and increased change velocity.

I’m excited about the future, and look forward to creating a world-class engineering ecosystem that will help the bank to drive change, and improve customer experiences.”

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